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if you feel like some this, drop a message here :slight_smile:

Hello !

I searched an alternative to OneNote since few month and I discovered Joplin.
It's a simply and efficace software for note taking.

Thanks a lot for your job ! :slight_smile:


Welp I Just Wasted My Time Coming Here

I went through all the work to prepare a bug report/feature request. I signed up for the discourse. I walked through the “this is what a forum is” conversation. Heck I even tried to search for my solution to see if it was already a feature request. I cleared level 1 before I even started typing. Then I entered my topic and noticed something. I wonder if there’s an official name for the browser add-on so I could make my question more directly relevant. Turns out there is. Turns out when you search that one key word suddenly everyone was asking the same question I had. Turns out there was already a solution and it was better than what I was thinking of. So I don’t really have any need to be here anymore. Except ooh is that a thread on custom CSS? A thread on cloud providers might be useful.

Feature Request: Clipper includes URL with Simplified/Complete Page

Joplin as my first “note taking” application has done for me what Evernote couldn’t. It’s justified it’s existence. It’s easy, it’s super functional. I find myself using it more and more to push off my ideas so I don’t forget them and they can’t clogging up my memory by being excess Firefox tabs. It’s great. I’ve been here about an hour now and just the thread titles alone have given me three new ideas. Cheers ya’ll and carry on.


@wolfkin, this community is full of crazy smart people that do amazing things with Joplin. If you think this is nuts, check out the issue tracker. I am pretty much maintaining a 200-300 comment Linux bug report there.

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