What is the limit of folder-lever of folder tree if there is one in Joplin desktop app?

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Joplin 2.13.9 (prod, win32)

Client ID: cdf6087932f3478d93840c0c3ce8b4b4
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 1bbec44

Text Colorize: 1.2.3

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Hi there, does anyone know that what is the limit of folder-level of folder tree in Joplin if there is one? I am using Joplin partly for a ontology-engineering project which involves intensive categorization of entity-data, hence I would have a lot of superset-folder and subset-folder, I tried to create down to 40th folder-level and I think I can still keep going, if I wanted to try harder, I might need to test creating 90th folder-level---that is a bit much, so I come here and asking the question, it would be nice if some knower could share me some tip.


There's no limit at the moment so even a depth of 90 should work fine. My only concern would be in terms of performance since it's not something that we've tested, but generally the notebook tree is well optimised so it might work just fine. In fact if you notice any issue feel free to report back here, it might be something we'd want to look at!

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Hi there, thanks for your reply and good to know that, I will surely report to this thread if I found any issue.

I recall someone reported an issue where the tree was so deep that some of the notebook titles were shifted off the screen and there was no horizontal scroll. It may have been the mobile app. Or maybe web clipper.

perhaps it was this one:


Hello there,

About Notebook title issue mentioned by @roman_r_m :

To @Wimvan, the one you referred is Android system related, I actually spotted something very similar in Joplin desktop app earlier time, it looks like as in below screenshot image:

The above screen image indicated that the designed space to show target notebook title is insufficient. Just so you guys know.

Thanks for all your participation.


Unfortunately, the problem that wasn't told to you or perhaps "hidden" by @laurent is this: The template you mentioned is called "tree style" has a bug in Joplin's mobile application. You can learn the details from the thread.

OK, I am pretty new to Joplin and am not familiar with the Template mechanism, I will get back to this thread when I dig a bit deeper. Thanks for your input.

My only expectation is for you to support the topic I initiated. This way, the attention of developers who genuinely care about the members can be drawn, and the issue with the design of notes in Joplin as "tree style" can be addressed. Although it may not be possible to make our voices heard to deaf ears, your contribution is especially important as some act based on user feedback.

I will think about it, actually, while I was pondering on your quest, the process initiated another post that I made earlier time where I said "I was just about to quote "someone's words in another thread" in active thread I was working on and then I stopped...".

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