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Hi there,

I would like to know that if there is a Joplin forum category that I can make a test post. The reason of this inquiry is that there are many forum functions to be learnt for a forum newbie like me, and I would prefer not to screw up the forum especially when I just noticed that a user does not seem to be able to Delete his/her post, so, I would appreciate it if someone shed some light about the issue.

Just to be clear, I was just about to quote "someone's words in another thread" in active thread I was working on and then I stopped, because I was not sure what would happen if I did that.

BTW, I am not even sure if I am placing this post under category "Support" is correct, because this is about Joplin forum knowhow, not about Joplin the app.

I would try it in the lounge or support section of the forum. And if it’s a test message, just label it as such, so people can ignore it.
By the way, choosing the support section for your request seems to me pretty okay. People here are in general quite friendly and willing to give a hand.
And just a thought: as far as I remember, discourse offers basic trainings, started from the welcome message in your inbox…

Under your post you will see some icons one of which is three dots,


Press this and you get more options, one of which is delete.


The post will show as deleted and take about a day to actually disappear.

I believe that posts about the forum should go in the "Meta" section which is described as,

Discussion about the forum itself, how it works and how to organise it. General questions about the project organisation are also welcome.

It's not a problem I'll move this thread.


I am an otologist who does heavy researches under metaphysics, I would like to say that "Meta" is a chosen word out of intelligence. And thanks for moving this thread to "Meta" section.

For that been said, friendly people or friendly environment is a thing for experienced forum members, it is a part of tacit agreement, tacit, in dictionary goes "Not Spoken", for forum newbie, I kind of think "Not Spoken" factor is not very friendly. :stuck_out_tongue: Just my two cents.

your last comment confuses me :exploding_head:

What I tried to say is, it is better for forum management people to precisely inform forum newbie where they can do testing post, it is not friendly to newbie without related precise and public information.

thanks for explaining. I‘m here for 2 years now and read constantly. you‘re the first one asking for a test space to test the forum. just my personal empiricism. people here are focussed on Joplin, not on the forum itself :grinning:

As long as my question is a reasonable one and a humane one, then the real question is that why I am the first person asking the question. Perhaps visitors all walked away because there is not a more precise, accessible forum game rules.

I am making this post because I want to make sure I don't mess up the forum by misplacing testing post and then I can focus on discussing issue in regard to Joplin the app, my motivation is clearly about Joplin the app not the forum itself.

BTW, I found a Test Area in Discourse.org.

Cool! :+1:

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