Problem of Not Being Able to View Entire Long Notebook Titles

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Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, win32)

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Dear Joplin Developers,

I have been a user of the application for a long time. While generally satisfied, I have identified three issues in the application, two of which I consider significant and one less important. These are:

1-) In both the PC and Android versions of Joplin (when using the phone vertically), notebook titles get cut off if they are long, making them unreadable in their entirety.

2-) When searching in the note search box using |, &, - characters, even if the words are correct, no results are displayed. There might be other problematic characters as well, but for now, I have identified these.

3-) A less critical issue is that sometimes, when activating or deactivating an extension in the PC's extension section and restarting the application, the extension does not properly activate or deactivate. This process needs to be repeated. I have encountered this issue frequently, especially when using a large number of extensions.

I am raising this issue primarily for the first problem. However, if anyone has insights into the other problems, feel free to share.

The inability to scroll long notebook titles in Joplin, causing them to not fit in the space, is indeed a significant problem. However, there is a solution in the PC version. The "ReMoods Theme v4.6.1" extension developed by the developer @Sinacs can both accommodate long titles and, if the title is too long, provide a scrolling bar at the bottom, allowing us to move the title left and right. In other words, there is a solution to this problem. Therefore, my hope is that the valuable Joplin developers will bring this solution to both the Joplin PC and mobile versions. Especially in the mobile version, all notebook titles could be visible in the "share" screen without the need to turn the phone sideways.

For reference, I am sharing screenshots illustrating the difference between the default Joplin theme and the ReMoods Theme v4.6.1.

Thank you!


1.) For desktop, copy and paste the below code snippet into your userchrome.css. Adapted from the Remoods theme notebook item scrollbar code, it provides the solution you propose.

.sidebar .list-item-container > .list-item {
  display: flex;
  border-bottom: 1px solid #FFFFFF;
  overflow-x: scroll;

I don't know any solutions for mobile.

2.) Prefixing search with a slash / will switch to basic search. This can be slower than full text search, but doesn't ignore non-alphabetical characters. For example: /"- [ ]" returns all notes with unchecked checkboxes. You can verify this information and more from the Searching docs page.

3.) I don't know any solutions for this.

For future reference:

Please search relevant docs for solutions before asking for support. This advice applies to Joplin features, plugin code, and any other topic.

Please describe a single specific issue per support thread. This streamlines discussion and improves discoverability for issues and solutions.

First of all, thanks for your response. Since I'm already using the ReMoods Theme v4.6.1 extension, I don't feel the need to make the change you mentioned. However, I believe it would be more appropriate for developers to implement this as a solution. What do you think?

Yes, there is no solution on mobile. Fixing this issue on the mobile side is crucial since we cannot use the ReMoods Theme v4.6.1 extension on mobile. Are you a developer? You can share your opinion on this matter.

I'm glad that the second issue is not a bug.

Thanks for your advice. However, the primary issue I highlighted in my support request was the first one. I mentioned the others as optional. Thanks to your response, there is no need to open a new topic for the second issue. The third issue is not very important. I shared it for informational purposes.

The CSS provides a desktop solution to this thread topic without needing the unmaintained Remoods theme.

My opinion is for you to check out the first paragraph of this post in your other thread. Follow its advice instead: log a Github bug quoting their proposal (which matches yours) and any other relevant information, describe one issue per topic, etc.

Dear Muzak,

I don't want to bother editing the CSS file. Also, I didn't just mention an issue related to me. If you examine the screenshots I shared, the problem of incomplete topic titles exists only in the official Joplin version. Since even an "unsupported" plugin like ReMoods Theme v4.6.1 has managed to fix this issue, why haven't Joplin developers addressed this issue on both PC and mobile sides? Do you have a response to this? Please don't dismiss me with indirect answers when I'm pointing out an obvious issue. If you don't think this is a "bug," you can test it on your own Joplin application.

Others not using the Remoods theme can use the above CSS to view entire long notebook titles on desktop.

As for your questions, please reread the existing replies to your threads on this issue.

Let's not waste time with vague and off-topic responses. I'm waiting for responses with concrete suggestions and contributions. Information from developers about fixing this on both PC and mobile is especially important. I emphasize once again that this issue has already been resolved by @Sinacs. If the developers are not addressing this issue, either they are incapable of doing so (which seems unlikely) or they are not prioritizing this problem, which I find even more concerning.

Somewhat-related GitHub issue for mobile: Mobile: Deep folder nesting results in unreadable titles · Issue #9858 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I thank you and everyone involved for your efforts. Since the issue has been opened on Github, I am marking this topic as resolved. I believe the valuable developers will find a solution to the problem. Thank you!

Please note that the issue above is only part of what's being discussed here. In particular, it's related to notebook titles on mobile in the dropdown folder selector. As such, it might make sense to keep this thread unresolved for now.

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Sure, thanks!

Dear friend,

Thank you so much for your effort and contribution to resolving this issue on the mobile side. You're amazing. It's great to have people like you! For Joplin!

It has been improved, but not completely fixed. See the notes in the pull request:

A complete fix would ensure that it's possible to somehow show the full notebook title (and perhaps sub-notebook indentation).

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Hello, thank you for your response. I think the issue could be solved if a slider were added below the titles. Because the problem of long notebook titles not going to the next line is also present in the desktop version of Joplin. However, Sinacs, who created the Remoods theme, solved this issue for the desktop by moving a portion of the sentence downward and adding such a slider. I shared its images on this topic. Do you think a similar solution can be implemented for mobile?

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I would prefer to avoid adding horizontal scrollbars (see comment) and having variable-height items.

Allowing variable-height items would break an optimization -- currently, all dropdowns assume that all items have the same height. This makes rendering lists with many thousands of items fast.

Maybe we could do something like this (implemented here):

Above, long-pressing on an item scrolls all items to the left. This allows the notebook hierarchy to still be visible.

Alternatively, we could show tooltips when long-pressing on an item. However, when I attempted to implement that using RN Paper Tooltips, I experienced crashes (if I recall correctly) related to the tooltip parent elements being destroyed when scrolling quickly.


I've looked into the github topic. Are you encountering the error only when adding a scroll bar under each item, or do you also experience the problem when adding just one scroll bar at the bottom of the list?

Your solution seems quite good. From what I understand, when you hold down, the characters remaining on the side become visible. But when you release the hold, does the list return to its previous state?

By the way, please allow me to make an addition. In Joplin, note titles can only be one line. This applies to both the desktop and mobile versions. Splitting long titles from a suitable point and continuing them below could be an option, and perhaps the user may not even need to see the remaining part of the title. Of course, this doesn't apply to very deep notes. I believe it would be applicable in most cases, but it could be a functional option.

Finally, regarding the list that appears on the share screen on mobile (the list in the video), you could consider having all note titles default to the left. Perhaps this could be another alternative.

I just shared my ideas to make things easier for you. Otherwise, your solution also seems great.

Best regards!

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Holding a dropdown menu item seems counterintuitive.

What if deeper notebooks were contained within a non-notebook list item like More...? For example, More... would replace Test 8 and deeper notebooks from your video. Clicking that list item could scroll left and show deeper notebooks plus a non-notebook item to return up the hierarchy. Reddit comments work similarly past a certain depth.

This preserves the dropdown's expected selection behavior. It doesn't break the height optimization. It's reusable regardless of notebook depth. It can even pair with decreased indentation (which I already agree with on its own) to show more notebooks up front.

If that's not feasible, do any other notebook mobile apps have a similar feature to compare against?

Greetings. The size of the "Share" screen still seems unchanged. The screen within the application is wide; there is no issue there. Just informing you...

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