Search Box when adding a web page using Web Clipper and the mobile app


Thanks for the great application.

I would like to add a web page I like from the computer using "Web Clipper" or from Android using the "Share" button directly to one of my notebooks in the Joplin application. The only issue is that I have dozens of notebooks, and each time I want to add a web page, I need to find the appropriate notebook for that webpage. Therefore, it would be a great convenience if we could simply type the name of the notebook in the search box when adding a web page using Web Clipper and the mobile app, and directly add that web page to the selected notebook. Developers' assistance is needed in this matter!


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Sounds like a useful modification. Very early on after I started to use the desktop version I did find that having to select a destination notebook from a drop-down list in the clipper was a bit awkward.

Personally, I just created an "Imported or Unfiled" notebook and all clipped notes go into there as the clipper remembers the last notebook selected. I then tidy them up in that notebook before moving them to their final resting place...



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Thank you for highlighting this issue. I'm curious if the developer has any plans regarding this. If my memory serves me right, there was a similar search box in Web Clipper a few months ago. But then it disappeared. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong.

This is a fantastic suggestion! Honestly, this idea had crossed my mind. However, I save a large number of web pages, and they are all in different categories. Frankly, if I don't categorize them right when I save the web pages, I'm afraid I'll neglect to do it later, and my "unfiled" folder will be filled with dozens of different web pages. If you consider this a kind of laziness, I won't blame you :D. So, being able to categorize the web page the moment I save it with Web Clipper or Android is crucial.

By the way, the issue on Android is even more significant. When I say "share," the titles of my sub-notebooks don't appear. I'll try to express this more clearly with an image. Therefore, adding this box for Android is very important.

I would like to add a web page I like from the computer using "Web Clipper"

At least in Firefox on Linux, opening the notebook dropdown and quickly typing a notebook title auto-selects the notebook with that title.

I think this is a feature provided by the browser/OS, so I'm not sure whether it works on other systems.


I use Ubuntu as a dual drive. After seeing your message, I tried Librewolf on Ubuntu, but unfortunately, no search box appeared where I could enter a title.

There's no graphical search box. For me, typing while the dropdown is focused selects an item based on what was typed. (A search box would certainly be helpful though!)

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I'm curious what kind of data is shared with Joplin when you visit a web page in Android. In iOS you get a note with a blank header and a URL in the body of the note. This is far from satisfactory when compared to Evernote's mobile clipper.

In Android, the note title is automatically generated based on the content of the site. The link of the shared website is also included in the content of the note. I agree with you on this matter. It would be great if Web Clipper were made available for Android as well. For example, it could be used as an extension for mobile Firefox.

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Thank you for your support and suggestion you shared. I primarily use Windows, and unfortunately, when I do as you said, I can only select the first letter of the notebook. Interestingly, even in this way, I cannot select all the notebooks with the same initial letter, only some of them...

I'm able to reproduce something similar, but only with a large amount of nesting:

Is this similar to your folder structure?

Exactly! I believe that format is called "tree style." In another topic, it was suggested that rotating the phone horizontally could be a solution. However, in that case, the titles will appear very limited in number.

Perhaps what is needed for this is to add a setting that prevents subheadings from shifting to the right on mobile. I believe this setting could be offered as an option for those interested.

From my perspective, you‘re discussing kind of an edge-case.
That doesn’t mean your proposal wouldn’t be an improvement at all.

I am talking about an issue that is the size of a "bug." It would be better if you justify the reasons for your next post. Because this is a forum, respect for effort should be acknowledged!

Having a very complex tree-structure of folders/notebooks isn't that special though, especially if you use Joplin for work-related purposes. Adding a searchbox is one thing, but also child notebooks at least should be all visible on the screen regardless of how deep the tree goes. As displayed here, the "Share" function in the Android app seems basically unusable with this kind of a deep notebook tree.

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Thanks Tomasz, maybe there are more people with deep trees than I imagine, so it's less "edgy" than I think. I can only refer to my own experience and what I've read here to estimate relevance. And I can't remember this issue popped up in the forum before.
But to be clear, it's surely not up to me to make a final assessment here.

Let's say we disagree here on relevance of the issue.

My remark was not personal in any way, so I would prefer to keep it like that. I just expressed MY view on the topic, which is in the spirit of this forum.
[Edited immediatly after posting for clarity]

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What you don't understand is that your not using a feature or thinking that it's not being used doesn't eliminate the problem about the feature. Even though the visual I shared clearly indicates a bug originating from the application, attempting to devalue the issue with one or two sentences, whether it's personal or not, is a serious audacity. I think there's nothing more to say to you now. Have a good time on the forum.

Hello everyone. I've created a support request regarding the issue of long note titles not being readable in the Joplin application on PC and mobile. You can view the topic here. Thank you in advance for your support and messages for those who use notes in tree style and encounter this issue in the application.

Exciting news! It says that this issue has been fixed in version 2.14 of the Joplin mobile app. I want to express my gratitude to all the developers who contributed with their comments and code knowledge, including @laurent , @personalizedrefriger , @tomasz86 . Moreover, this development has encouraged me to push for the addition of a search bar to the Web Clipper. I'm eagerly looking forward to marking the topic as resolved in such a development!