Multi NOTEBOOKS feature request

Hello Dev,

Joplin is a quite good Note App sofar,

BUT It is BETTER if user can create multiple NOTEBOOKS instead of only 01 NOTEBOOKS as current,

Pls see below picture:

Hope we, Joplin's users, can see this feature in next version of Joplin,
It is so cool...


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I'm not sure I understand the issue? You can make as many notebooks as you like.
Just press the + button and it makes a new one. You can then drag and drop it where you want.

@ Daeraxa


Current, Joplin allow 01 NOTEBOOKS only

What you have named 'folders' are notebooks.
If you simply want to replicate that style it can be done via css on the 0 level notebook item.

For example take the macOS theme:

As an example with the default theme I threw this CSS snippet together for userchrome.css.

.list-item-depth-0 .title {
    font-weight: bold !important;
    font-size: 120% !important;

.list-item-depth-0 .title::before{
    font-family: icomoon;
    content: "\e905";
    padding-right: 0.5rem;

@ Daeraxa
Tks for your reply,
But this method can be apply for Joplin software on PC/MAC, NOT for Joplin App (Android/iOS) ...

Correct but my point is that the change is purely cosmetic, there is no change to the actual function of Joplin, all it is is an increased font size + an icon.
Unless we have .css support added to the mobile app somehow then it simply isn't possible. There have been discussions about mobile app theming + customisation but it isn't here just yet.


This is correct but, as @Daeraxa pointed out, this only applies to the cosmetic difference between how Joplin currently works and the picture in your original post.

The section header in the sidebar named "NOTEBOOKS" (note the plural) is not a notebook. It is the root for all the subsequent notebooks underneath it. This is just like the section header "TAGS" is not a tag; it is the tag root with all the actual tags listed underneath it.

So Joplin already has the ability to have multiple notebooks. You can also have sub-notebooks (which would equate to "folders" in your picture). So the actual functionality you have asked for is basically how Joplin already works and is available on all platforms that Joplin is built for.



Tks for yr replies,
I am now using Joplin with many Notebooks, sub-Notebooks, sub-sub-Notebooks,

So i really would Joplin is more clearly,

I think it is better if Joplin has option for Folder Hierachy same as pictures below:

Interestingly I was trying to have a go at putting in "tree lines" like that by modifiying the list item (the below was just a test to see if I could get a line to appear).

.list-item {
    border-left: 1px solid white !important;

Ultimately I got bored and decided I didn't really need it, it wasn't very aesthetically pleasing to me.

As for the +/-, that is already a caret that can be changed to whatever you want e.g.



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