What features did you like in 2023 and what do you want to see in 2024?

We don't expect TOO much from you. Just fix the tree style bug in the android app that repels users, the 'some items cannot be synchronized' bug, and add a search bar to the Web Clipper for Android and Windows. Of course, if it's not too much trouble for @laurent

Edit: The "some items cannot be synchronized" error may not be a bug for Android. Because when I pressed the "retry all" button after waiting for 1-2 minutes on the details screen, the error disappeared. It seems that only the slow loading of the relevant screen is the issue. I mentioned this in the title I opened related to the subject.

@Medullitus, you seem be upset that the issues you're having are not being resolved fast enough. Unfortunately such is life in open source, everybody has their own priorities which may not align with yours.

I have already deleted one of you posts, which was a rant unrelated to the current topic, so please be patient and consider that some of the stuff you're unhappy about may or may not be fixed. Then you need to decide whether you can live with this or not, and whether Joplin is the right application for you - perhaps it's not and that's fine. But please don't derail unrelated posts to bring up your issues.


What bothers me is not the quick resolution of issues but the uncertainty about whether the problems will be resolved. If you tell me that the issues I've mentioned will never be fixed, I'll use another application. However, if you say they will be fixed, I'll wait. I just want information about the situation. Unfortunately, as it has been so far, all my messages are being ignored.

Please add the ability to open notes in their own dedicated window, and by extension, open multiple notes in their own windows - without having to wire in an external editor or plugin. Thanks for the hard work!


First I want to thank you for the great work you've done.

The features I'm missing the most are:

  • managing folder structure in the android mobile app
  • being able to sync with different servers. I use Joplin at work where the project folder lies in the work cloud and privately in my private cloud. It would be awesome to have both "instances" available on my phone and on my private notebook. I believe issue 591on github is about what I'm talking about.
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@jimmyp0131 welcome to the forum.

The Note Tabs plugin lets you have multiple notes open at the same time as tabs. Could that help?

EDIT: Apologies I just re-read your post and it stated without a plugin. I'll leave this post just in case it is useful to someone else.


The drawing feature is a key to me :smiling_face_with_tear: :clap:, although it is incomplete to me for heavy usage without internal tool to translate handwriting into printed letters.

Wish list:

Oh well!
+1 for a simple recycle bin. It‘s basic to me.
+1 for being able to delete downloaded attachment(s) when viewing a note to reduce space

Thx for all your efforts to improbe Joplin!


I agree! (This frustrates me around 20 times per day, and is an issue in both iOS and Android)

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In 2023 I loved the Mac M1 version and the security improvements.
In 2024 I would love :

  • “note to web” feature for Joplin server (as it was announced for Joplin Cloud)
  • merge “rich markdown” plugin into core (that would allow usage of OCR and also display of PDF with the plugin), and fine tuning the markdown display to be less erratic when browsing in a note
    By the way many thanks again to Laurent and the dev community here, what a great job you did, and are doing!!

What do you mean by this? You can already publish a note with Joplin Cloud but i guess you mean something else?

I can only speak from my work with Zotero. In that app individual items/notes can be associated with multiple tags and "collections" (Zotero's word for folders). In practice, the tags are used like keywords and the folders are used as ways to group things into projects. Items/notes might be used/reused in multiple projects, hence the ability to associate the same item/note with multiple folders, but the tags would probably remain the same across projects. I believe some of the other note taking apps also do this.

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@dpoulton Tabs are nice, but there are situations where I'd prefer a dedicated window. External editors allow for that to a degree, but it sure would be a nice native feature. Thanks for the welcome and your suggestion!


I'd like better zoom support & interaction with images.

Many of my notes are diagrams or screenshots taken from different sources with variety of sizes and resolution. Currently the image gets stretched to match the width of the "viewer" pane, which depending on the resolution/dpi of the image, can be too big for some images while too small for other, making it too difficult to read the notes easily. Especially for super-wide diagrams describing flow of events or waveforms etc.

For high-resolution images with large enough dpi, using the UI to resize the image (which modifies the HTML height/width in pixels) is sort-of workable. But if the images are large with lots of small content, or if I'm using the viewer on a device with narrower width (say a phone, or a smaller laptop, or half-screen window), then the whole image is shrunk to the width which makes it unreadable.
The current zoom implementation makes it worse, because zooming-in increases the toolbar/text sizes and reduces the image further.
I'd like zoom to work in a way where it increases the size of the viewer pane itself, so I can zoom into an image in my notes; and then horizontal/vertical scrollbars that allow me to focus on the portion that I'm reading. So:

  1. Zoom functionality that modifies the size of the viewer/editor, rather than just the font sizes.
  2. Add a corner status bar with slider for +/- zoom and a reset to 100% button.
  3. Tie this to Ctrl+Mouse-wheel shortcut for desktop usage. Also, to pinch-zoom and scroll gestures for touchscreen devices.

Personally, this is the single reason I'm unable to use Joplin heavily :frowning: because I do have super-wide diagrams often.


Hi, yes that’s it, « publish », sorry. I understood it was possible in Joplin Cloud but not in Joplin Server. But maybe my info is not up to date so that would be a good news !

Thanks for the info regarding editing of attached documents, I didn’t realize it was possible! Do you know if, if you let the note opened, the updated attached document is syncronized?

Yes, if you open an attachment, leave the note open and save the attachment, it gets synced. But only as long as the note stays open, that's what I was referring to.


2023: I liked very much the renewed focus on tables.


  • A lot more focus on the tables, like the ability to change colors and dimensions to columns and rows. Even some spreadsheeting feature like simple functions would be cool.

  • Widget that allows to keep a note open on the phone desktop.


Publishing notes is also part of Joplin Server. If you right-click on a note normally you should have the option

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  1. The new plugin panel is just like Obsidian. The current plug-in panel can't even be fixed in width.How to fix the maximum width of the plug-in panel
  2. Attachment management. I'd like to reduce the size of the note by removing attachments that aren't being referenced
  3. Hope to introduce a document management panel that takes up less space. I have previously expressed my opinion: Desktop UI review - #3 by Benjamin-Watson0
  4. Better mobile cameras. Seriously, it's hard to use Joplin cameras these days.Mobile camera photography supports zooming.Add scanning capabilities - #6 by Benjamin-Watson0

The above sentence may be full of complaints, I hope you don't mind. From a sincere joplin user.

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I would like to see image annotation like the ability to draw arrows or highlight parts. A lot of my notes are screenshots and it's nice to point to fields etc. Also the ability to name and rename pasted images so we can clean them up via the "Note Attachments" dialog.

I'm a new user and Joplin cloud subscriber who gave up on Evernote and I for one am extremely grateful to @laurent for all of your excellent work on Joplin!