Improving Joplin Mobile UX/UI

Hi all,

I have been using Joplin for around a month now and since using it I’ve jumped head first into using it as my daily driver (I’m a sysadmin by trade; we take a lot of notes), anyway upon using the mobile app I’d noticed a little bit of non uniformity in the menu bar to which I fixed in PR #6597 which recently got merged, and I’ve got to say I love this app, after stumbling upon it by chance wanting to migrate from Apple Notes to a more self hosted, encrypted and privacy focused solution, it’s met all of those requirements and more so.

However I’ve been reading through this forum a little and seen some amazing ideas from people which really interest me, however I keep seeing recurring themes of complains about the UI/UX on the mobile app and wanted to share some ideas that could improve user experience in the app :slight_smile:

I’m thinking some of the following features could be beneficial in future releases:

  • Larger text for notes in list and increased height on notes in list (Accessibility)
  • Improved fluidity in animations such as: opening/closing side bar
  • Swipe left/right on notes to access more functions (delete/copy/share, etc)
  • Notebook Groups (once sub-folders implemented in mobile, potential to have groups such as work/personal for further organisation)

Just my two cents on ways the app could be improved :slight_smile:


On iOS, the scroll position in long notes jumps up and down when a) you jump from viewer to editor, and then b) when you touch somewhere and the keyboard opens.

It's a tiny thing, but makes editing on mobile almost unbearable. I don't dare to touch my notes to avoid inserting random characters at random positions in my carefully curated note collection.

full ack: For this reason (larger text) I sometimes use edit mode just for viewing purposes. Scrolling like this is no fun, though (with the keyboard occupying a large fraction of the screen). :disappointed: