Additional Features Can I help add?


Im a newbie to Joplin. Im also a former Apple employee who is jumping all into Linux. The Linux community is incredible, privacy focused, open source, and the most secure.

While transferring my notes to Joplin I had a number of feature requests I would like to see in the app:

  • Colorized Note tabs
  • PIN Notes to Top
  • Larger Text Note Tabs
  • iCloud integration
  • Google Drive integration
  • Easier way to move notebooks around
  • Remember selected text from the last time you were in that note

I would like to help add these features, I know a little coding. The main reason is I want to give back either through developing the project or by donating $$.

How would I go about developing these features and adding them to the project?

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Hi, thanks for your interest in the app! Most of the topic you mentioned have been requested before so perhaps you can check the issues on GitHub, in case there's some consensus on how it should be implemented.

For the note tab changes that would be on the Note Tab plugin I guess? While the other ones would be on the main app, and I think all those would be acceptable pull requests. I get a sense that there are more users interested in Google Drive sync, iCloud sync and pinned notes, as these come up quite often.

Ah ok will do

I would love Pinned notes, yes Sir.

I think though since most people are already on most of these features Ill just help with $$ contributions every so often. I really appreciate everything you guys do, thank you.

Since most of the features are in the works I guess Ill support the project via donations. Ill donate periodically.


I know its not alot but Ill donate more as time goes on


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