What Cloud Provider Should I Use For Joplin?

I am looking for a cloud storage provider just for my Joplin notes. Here is what I am after

Free to use
1GB of storage or more
No Inactivity Period (Could not use it for years and my account will still be active and not shut down)
Supports WebDav (Does not require an app for my desktop or phone to sync)
Does not Require a Gmail or Outlook email (Google Drive and OneDrive out of the question)

If it has good privacy that is great however I will be using Joplin E2EE feature either way to encrypt my notes. Any suggestions will be most appreciated!

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i’m using pCloud and have been pretty happy so far.

I second this. Although, from my experience, after i hit around 600 notes or more, pCloud started throttling syncing for me on the free account. It could vary per account, so YMMV. I also was uploading a lot of pics and file backups too.

If you do not access your pCloud for months, will it get deleted or disabled?

I can’t say from experience directly due to only using pCloud for two months, but my understanding is that they can choose to delete your data after awhile on a free account in order to free up space for new accounts. Keeping unused data costs money in terms of server upkeep and whatnot, so I wouldn’t trust them to keep it indefinitely if you decide to abandon your account. Here’s the faq but it doesn’t really give much information about it.

been trading emails with pCloud’s technical support on a webdav error. given their lack of technical support capabilities, I’d retract my recommendation on pCloud. Sure they make it easy/cheap to get a bunch of cloud drive space, but if you have any technical issues, you’re pretty much on your own to troubleshoot them. too bad too, i bought the 2TB lifetime plan too.

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I am using a free Nextcloud account. There are many providers who will get you 5Gb of free storage with your account. I chose a provider in Germany because of their (Germany) rather strict data privacy laws (protecting us). Sync with Joplin is flawless, recommended.


Do you have a referral link? That might be useful, although, depending on how much content they have and where they are in the world, that might not be viable for their uses.

For anyone that’s interested, here’s my referral link for Digital Ocean if you’d like to try them out.

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just in case you want to host your own nextcloud server, i went with this:
migrated all my Joplin data from pCloud and so far works perfectly. plus it keeps the data private.

https://cloud.webo.hosting is the link to their signup page. I use it from Vietnam myself, no issues whatsoever.

Do you only use them to host a nextcloud instance? Or do you also run anything else on the same instance? Is that even possible? I’m interested in moving over to them but I’d ideally have some server access aside from file syncing.

Currently just using them for syncing and backup but looking to eventually add other services to it. One cool thing is they allow you to have multiple instances (droplets) for different needs and can even allow you to dedicate a Virtual drive and Physical drive at the same time at a fraction of the cost.

Example: I could host a non-Github repo for Joplin’s Master branch for those that don’t believe in the ethics of Microsoft’s buyout of GH, have my Nextcloud instance, and even host a Minecraft server on the side, cause why not? I’d just pay $10 a month for the 50 GB Virtual drive and an extra $2.50 a month per 25 GB Physical on a 1 Core, 2 GB RAM server.

Thats exactly what I’m looking for, thanks bed

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I use Woelkli, which is a cloud with NextCloud as a content manager. Works perfectly fine.

Mega.nz offers upto 50 gb free storage with E2EE (2048 Bit AES). Not sure if you can use it with WebDev. Personally, I really wish Mega was one of the cloud services Joplin supported.


@ShomeBhatt not officially supported, but check this post out

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The thing is with E2EE no cloud service works. At least, I had to setup a whole cloud account just for Joplin, since I don’t want to leave my files on MEGA without E2EE.

Do you have any idea how to make things work via WebDAV with E2EE?

Thanks a lot.

I chose pCloud. pCloud has a limit of filesize when using WebDav (I believe it is 50mb) which is probabily why your pictures are no syncing.

And I need to login to pCloud once every 6 months to ensure my account does not get deleted.