hey guys, what i a good cloud provider for joplin Synchronization? What is the best method to not lose the notices? I looked at the nextcloud providers, but still not convinced!
thank you guys.

Joplin Cloud is probably the best one for speed, features and if you want to support the project.

Free NextCloud accounts are pretty much trash, but you could always self host your own nextcloud or Joplin Server.

Dropbox is probably a good choice if you already have one.

how does it work with joplin servers?

Sorry I'm not sure I understand the question. The only Joplin servers are Joplin Cloud.

the question is: how could I use the joplin servers because i thought it is like nextcloud! But this is apparently not the case!

I'm still not sure what you are asking. Joplin Cloud isn't a general purpose thing like NextCloud, no, it is specifically for Joplin syncing.

Are you asking about Joplin Server or Joplin Cloud? Your use of "joplin servers" isn't clear.

i dont know what is the deference between joplin cloud and server! Maybe you can explain it to me?

I try to answer:

NextCloud is a generic host to store files. Joplin as many other applications can use NextCloud as target, but speed will not be optimal, especially for large repositories (i.e. the user has added many files, images, etc to the notes).

Joplin cloud is a Joplin optimized target solution that one may rent to get a supported target for storing the notes. Obviously this solution will propose the best performance for Joplin.

Its the same software except Joplin Cloud is a service you pay for where Joplin Server is one you host yourself on your own hardware which is what I was saying earlier:

you could always self host your own nextcloud or Joplin Server.

I'm just a satisfied Joplin user. I've been using Dropbox and it works acceptably for me.

Windows 10 PC and phone Android 11.
OneDrive synchronization.
For now I am happy with that.
But I am using Joplin only for 3-4 months (every day) and I have only about 2000 notes.

I've tried Onedrive syncing and it felt pretty janky (in the sense that getting all my notes to actually sync across all my devices seemed tough).

I'm presently using S3 sync with Backblaze B2 -- that is working much better.

I use a self-hosted nextcloud backend and sync with smartphone, tablets, various desktops and this works realy fine for me.

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