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Joplin Cloud is officially production ready!

Joplin Cloud has been out of beta for a few weeks now and since then it has been quietly running without any troubles. There is no known bugs and the service is running smoothly so it's now safe to say that it is production ready!

As a reminder, Joplin Cloud is meant to provide a more seamless Joplin experience - if you want to quickly get started, it's as easy as downloading the app and getting a Joplin Cloud account. Besides improved sync performance, that will give you the ability to collaborate on notebooks with others, as well as publishing and sharing notes.

Of course Joplin still supports other sync options such as Nextcloud, Dropbox and OneDrive or AWS S3. You can also self host using Joplin Server. The advantage of Joplin Cloud being that you don't need to maintain a server yourself - for a small fee you'll get that taken care of.

Additionally, subscribing to Joplin Cloud is a great way to support the project as a whole, including the open source applications. Such support is needed in the long term to provide bug and security fixes, add new features, and provide support.

At some level it is also an experiment, to see if such a service is financially viable and can allow me to work full time on the project. This is certainly something I would like, and perhaps Joplin Cloud combined with your donations will allow that.


Congratulations!! I hope it's a big success.

How to let more people know about it?

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I've put a post on Twitter, here and Patreon but other than that I haven't tried yet to promote it much, but I'd be glad to hear any suggestion.

Maybe temporarily add it to the main website? At the moment the focus is definitely on "download the app" - Cloud is only in 3 places (by name), the two links and the "work together" section. Whilst I appreciate that it isn't very "in your face" it doesn't make it that clear what it is or why you should get it over dropbox/NextCloud nor that it is a new and exciting part of the application.

I still think the best place for it would be as part of a "new features" popup that you would get after an upgrade (or a push from the website at risk of making people unhappy). There was certainly discussion about it after people were saying that the change to the editor width wasn't overly obvious in the popup patch notes. Discord does this for example:

Congratulations! After a few tiny initial hitches (that's what the beta was for), it's been purring along smoothly for me ever since. I have signed up for the yearly plan, which I think is the best way to support Joplin and get something in return as well. I never, ever once regretted my decision to leave Evernote and Cloud has only cemented that further :slight_smile:
Well done!


Thanks for the support @Sophia!

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Greetings, I'm a pretty new Joplin user so I hope you don't mind me asking a few perhaps obvious questions. This was not mentioned/described on the webpage/plans description that I could see.

  • Is the cloud solution based on the Joplin server application? Are they the same thing - Joplin server as a commercial product?
  • If so, does the Joplin server changelog reflect what server version is running in the "cloud"?
  • Where is the cloud solution hosted? AWS? US data center?
  • Is there a way to check your quota limit?
  • Can I myself trigger deletion of a profile dataset hosted by the cloud service or must this be requested?


I don't know all the technical details - the very reason I signed up for Cloud is so that I don't have to :crazy_face: but you can definitely see some of those details:


@laurent I might as well add this here, but I shared a note and now the site says the certificate is invalid... apparently it expired today!

Ok that's not good. I knew I had to manually renew that certificate but somehow didn't setup any reminder. Could you try again please and let me know if it works?

Not just yet.. but perhaps hasn't propagated yet?

It looks like I needed to restart the server for the changes to take effect. I think that should work now!

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Sure does! Thanks for the quick solution, Laurent :heart:

It seems storage space is one big difference between Basic and Pro. What's the easiest way for me to check how much disk space I'm currently using? And does disk space equate directly with the cloud storage space I'd use?

@skim1124 I just checked, in my case Joplin Cloud is the exact same size as my former Dropbox sync. So if you check your current sync target, you can basically see how much Cloud storage you need.

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Thanks. I also use Dropbox and it says that the Joplin folder is only 45MB. So at least in terms of storage size, the Basic plan seems plenty big enough for my needs.

referrals? recommendations? I certainly rave about it to my friends.

'Max 10 MB per note or attachment'

How do I check this?

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