Those who are using free nextcloud service providers, be warned!

I have been using Joplin for a while now and faced some technical problems in Joplin but was able to solve all of them and very happy with it. I try my best to not use big tech solution like google/amazon/dropbox so I used one of the free NextCloud providers; Ocean Tab Digital. Everything was great except when their server went down without any notice for two days. Not being able to sync my notes I moved all of my notes to another provider named LinuxFabrik. It was working good for a month until last few days Joplin stopped syncing and showing strange error. I couldn't even log in to their web so I contacted their customer support (3/4 days ago) and received this email today.

I am not trusting those free providers again, if you are using them be warned.


Yeah I've also found these smaller NextCloud providers tend to not be as reliable as the big tech options. Was using one of them for calendar and to-dos and it went down for over a week with no announcements or updates. Also shows the importance of making backups on a regular basis!

I was using a free tab digital account before (with a view to maybe paying if it was good) and I had huge problems with their service. Sometimes it just went down for ages and then I had constant problems with file locking. In the end it just drove me to hosting my own nextcloud on a raspberry pi which I'm more than happy with.

Regardless of the storage provider (even self-hosted!) I would always recommend using the "Simple Backup" plugin. That way you will always have an automatic local backup that can get you out of a bad situation.

I guess that it is a separate topic but I would suggest that "Simple Backup" is possibly one plug-in that should be considered for incorporating into the core program.

@laurent, there are quite a few plug-ins available now. I can see that many should probably remain plug-ins, but will there be any that ever get "promoted" to core?

You can probably guess from the above which one I would nominate :slight_smile:


Yes it's true it would be good to have the backup plugin and maybe also the Rich Markdown one by default. There's nothing in place for this yet but I might add it at some point.


The free one is always the most expensive.


Free linuxfabrik user here, issue confirmed, no access anymore to data. Fortunately, I have another nextcloud provider... Considering self hosting too.

Thanks @dpoulton for mentioning the backup plugin!

Linuxfabrik apologizing and in the same sentence stating that it is out of their control to fix the issue at this time. Also states that the problem does not effect users who have paid for the service, only those who are receiving free service. I sent an email asking if they thought this would be a long term problem. I have not received a reply Are their any low cost or no cost providers worth using? I only use this for fairly menial things, nothing critical, no large files.

System still down. I received a rather useless email from them this morning, 11/21/21, offering no new information or time frames for restoring the free service. I had rather bluntly asked them if this was a priority for them or should I simply seek services elsewhere. Needless to say, no response to that.
Thankfully, I'm not reliant on them or on Joplin for critical data. If anyone has a workaround or knows of a free alternative please post the information. Keeping Joplin but goodby Linuxfabrik.

It's too easy to say t's out of their control. They chose a provider for, as they said, up to 3,000 users hat have opted for this free service. It's should be a reliable choice.
Other free NextCloud providers are available here: Simple sign-up for hosted Nextcloud – Nextcloud
Tested Wolkli, had some some couple of sync issues (over a 12-month perido) but that's OK if you're not - like me - strongly depending on your online storage on a daily basis

I can recommend webo hosting from Germany.( I have used their free account for about 3 years, with no issues whatsoever. Last year I upgraded to a paid account (bcs I needed more storage, de-go ogling).

At the risk of sounding like an ass: if you don't pay for it, don't expect service. Hosting isn't free, so if you're not paying for it with money, you're paying for it some other way (hello Google/Facebook/Microsoft/etc), or the service is essentially worthless.

If you really care about keeping your data safe, either self-host (which you pay for in hardware, time and effort) or find a decent hosting partner (which is very definitely not going to be free). Either Joplin Cloud (it's there for a reason, right), or a specialised party like The Good Cloud if you want to stick with Nextcloud.

I hope you didn't lose too much data you hadn't backed up, and I hope your next syncing solution doesn't let you down like this!

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I can confirm the same problems with Tab.Digital.

I ended up self hosting my own, which is more reliable and if it is down it is my fault and I can fix it.

You can do this 100% for free if you have a spare computer. Just get your computer set up with NoIP to get a DDNS subdomain, then install nextcloud and get a free https cert from Lets Encrypt Certbot.

This is why I recommend self hosting. Run a Nextcloud or Webdav server in the cloud for a small monthly fee, or run them on your home network if you have the resources.

The whole reason I got into Joplin was to not trust a 3rd party with my private data. I want to control the client and server sides 100%.

There are tons of options for self-hosting, for cloud I've used Digital Ocean, and for home it ranges from running apps on my Synology NAS to running them on a Linux PC.

Please note that if you are running a VM in the cloud, you basically gave up privacy/security. As soon as someone has access to the hypervisor (which in your case DigitalOcean has), they have access to data in the VMs. As mentioned a few times before, it is fairly easy to even circumvent disk encryption in such a case.

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Nah. I had my enterprise security team test my setup and had me fix a few things, but it’s as buttoned up as anyone else’s solution. I might give them another go at it at the next Hackathon conference.

No solution will ever be 100% secure, so if that is your benchmark you might as well give up now. It’s all about being secure enough where the cost of getting in exceeds the value of what you’re trying to get.

Your enterprise team does not have access to the hypervisor, does it? Anyway, I just wanted to point it out. I don't really care what you take away from it.

Why? I run my server on a bare metal machine in a data center. All my VMs are running on my own virtualization hardware at home.

This doesn't mean that I give access to my data to a cloud provider. As a provider I can dump the memory (and an image) of the VM on the hypervisor and then use binwalk and aesfind utilities to retrieve passwords. At that point your security means nothing.

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I can recommend hosting, I have used their free account for about 3 years, with no issues whatsoever. Last year I upgraded to a paid account. They offer EU, US and Asia location, also free SSL, backups, cPanel and much more, support is extremely great.