Hosted options for Joplin

New Joplin user here. I've switched from Evernote to Joplin which is working well except for one thing. I've chosen to use OneDrive (I know) because I have a paid account already which includes free storage.

It's been painful - not because of Joplin but due to sync errors. I don't want to pay £95 per year to increase my DropBox storage sufficiently, and don't have the time to self-host.

So, having read the Joplin FAQs, I'm looking for a hosted solution which I can use something like WebDAV/Nextcloud or similar on which is

  1. Easy to use for a non-specialist

  2. Inexpensive to run

  3. Less glitchy than OneDrive

I realise there are a few options out there but would be interested in which ones people have tried (particularly those in the UK, though it doesn't really matter to me where the data is hosted).

Also, if there are any idiot proof user guides to get this working I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for any advice.

Laurent is in the process of releasing dedicated server software for Joplin. It will replace the Nextcloud solution, or so I believe.

As for hosting, you could probably self host on any machine you own, or rent a really cheap Hetzner or Scaleway etc for pennies per month.

Right now is probably a little early to try since you'd be compiling everything from scratch, but my guess is that in a month or two there might be a ready made Docker file to install it with just a few clicks.

At least that is what I'm waiting for right now :smile:

Thanks - sounds like waiting is sensible. However, sync using OneDrive seems to have been broken for nearly a week now (never ending Sync) which makes Joplin effectively unusable until it's fixed.

I still have legacy EN (free version only) so have that to review old notes in the meantime, but it's not ideal.

I've yet to find any straightforward instructions on how to set up either NextCloud or Docker. I'm a non-techie (as far as these things are concerned, anyway) and all the pointers I've had so far assume a level of knowledge I just don't have. I'm willing to give this a go, and can pick up most things quite quickly, but I need something to get me started. Surprised this isn't in the Joplin FAQ somewhere...

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There are providers that offer hosted NextCloud, I believe.

Try onyxhosting in Germany, the offer managed Nextcloud. Works perfect

I moved from Evernote a couple years ago. Tried a local option, then went with the FREE dropbox. It is limited to 3 devices, but I use my tablet, phone and computer. It was just a few clicks to setup and has been terrific and flawless unless I had wifi turned off.

Unfortunately I’d need more than the free plan on Dropbox and the cheapest paid tier is nearly £95 per year which is too much for space I mostly won’t use

Is there an idiot’s guide on how to set that up? Google has not led me to anything which is simple and step by step. I really want to use Joplin but the tech barriers seem to be too high for someone used to off the shelf solutions. I’m willing to learn but need some basic assistance which I’ve not yet been able to find

Idiot guide to what? Docker? Nextcloud? VPS? Joplin server software? SSH?

The steps needed to set up a hosted solution (not Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.). I can choose a cloud storage provider and sign up but I've no idea what to do next. Seems that many people who come from Evernote are either happy to use OneDrive (which has been utterly unreliable), Dropbox (which is too expensive for my needs for this use case) or have the technical know-how to self host (e.g. using a NAS or Pi solution).

I used to sync with one of the free NextCloud providers. the process is pretty simple.

(1) you may go to: Sign up for a free Nextcloud account
and select a provider to set up a free account (usually a few GB).
(2) then login and create the folder 'Joplin' on the server (using the provider's website).
(3) finally, go to: Joplin
and setup the syncing path in the Joplin app.

I believe this should cover it. from my experience these free hosting solutions tend to be a little slow (it still took me 7-8 months to switch to self-hosting, so it's not that bad), and maybe you'll get lucky. I suppose that geography also plays a role here.

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Thank you - will take a look.

take my suggestion from my post above. Take it, simply set it up, ready

Can any heavy Joplin users comment, what's the Nextcloud sync experience like? Have you struggled with sync issues?

Been fine for me since the start. Only issue I've had at all was when my host went down for a few hours but that is nothing to do with Joplin or Nextcloud itself.

Simple here.

I created a shared folder on a Synology NAS and sync via WebDAV. No add-ons required. Phone, two tablets, and a PC each sync via WebDAV.

using a web file share with WebDAV access.
works fine (approximately 100 MB of Data)

2GB Joplin Sync to Nextcloud. Heavy use of Joplin. Sometime sync takes a few seconds but most of the time stable. Sometimes problem with looked files, but easily to resolve.

I tried a self-hosted Nextcloud solution. I am not an expert user but I experienced a very slow synchronization. Maybe it has to do with the WebDav protocol? Or maybe I did something wrong in the configuration? Anyway: I returned back to DropBox, where I am luckily still in the free plan. But with the heavy use of Joplin (PDF/PNG attachments), I am worried that I am running out of free space. So I am happy if there are coming other solutions.

Concerning the question of the OP for non-specialist advice: I could recommend Uberspace: It is a hosting solution built for the non-specialized user and you can decide on the price for 10 GB (5, 10 or 15 € monthly). It features nice stuff and many installing tutorials from other users with step-by-step instructions. (Installing Nextcloud was my first installation on my own server space. Even if I had deleted my Nextcloud solution I will stay with this hoster and transfer my other installations to them.)

Thanks for the recommendation