Which free WebDAV service work well with Joplin sync?

Hello, I am a Evernote user and want to migrate to Joplin. Want to migrate to Joplin because of its potential and open source.

I have a question regarding to which vendor service is reliable to use for synchronisation. I went through quite a bit of suggestions from the site like: onedrive (doesn’t work), dropbox, Nextcloud suggests us.cloudamo.com (It worked for couple days but the site is currently down for the day. I saw the domain name is listed for sale in one market so it is not a reliable host).

I also checked most of the vendors from webdav list in Joplin site. Most of services are either self host (I have web hosting service but don’t whether it works with Joplin) or need to pay (I already have lots of onedrive space, google drive and other paid storage. If it is something incurring cost, I may as well stay with Evernote.)

From browsing through this forum, found a lot of post about sync issues. Seems like it is one of the weakest of this product.

Any suggestion who to use for sync? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Personally I have only used dropbox so it's the only sync method I can vouch for. But I've never had any sync issues and have been using Joplin for ~2 years.

Honestly if this is the difference for you, I would recommend sticking with Evernote. It's a commercial tool and comes with the support and stability that you would expect from that. Plus you can't have any migration issues if you don't have to migrate :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. I will give dropbox a try. After using Evernote for a while, there are certain features I don’t like. Even a lot of users complain about those features, Evernote has no intention to change or provide alternate solutions. That is one of the reason why I am looking for alternatives. Thanks for your advice.

Also keep in mind that many users will only post when something doesn’t work (I’m guilty of that too) so the forum posts are disproportionately about issues people might have.

Also when you look into the details many sync issues are due to misconfiguration or problems with the sync provider or network. As of now there’s no know bug with the sync algorithm itself.


I know you said free, but I’ve been using it with Fastmail’s WebDAV for the last few days and it works as expected.

I’m using it to sync between iOS and Windows, a bit less than 100 notes in total among 5 notebooks.

Because it’s a “free WebDAV service”, too:

I am using Joplin together with free Nextcloud on a hosted server. Works excellent!

I understand people do complain. If I see a lot of people raising concerns on one area of my product, I would put more focus on understanding where the issues are coming from. If it is user or configuration issue, I will address it via improving documentation or training materials. In the long run, it saves time on support, minimize user frustration and product reputation. Just my 2 cents. 8)

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Hello Antonis,

Just curious, before you use Joplin, are you using Fastmail before? Or you specifically get Fastmail’s WebDAV for Joplin?

For the last day or so, I switched the sync to dropbox. It works fine so far. I am just still testing Joplin to see whether it fits and my need.

Hello NoSi,

Are you deploying Nextcloud on your own hosted server? Can you share a little more detail?

indeed that's probably what this advice is worth, but thanks.


I am using onedrive since about 6 month with Joplin and I had just one time an issue which I think was my own fault (I manually deleted a Ressource in the file Manager).



  1. PHP ( > 7)
  2. SQL-Database (MariaDB, MySQL, …)


  1. If possible set up a subdomain (https://cloud.domain.tld vs. https://domain.tld/mycloud/)
  2. Set up an empty SQL database (write down connection data)

Get NextCloud WebInstaller

  1. Nexcloud Download for Server
  2. Switch to Tab »Web Installer«
  3. Follow the instructions

After successful install

  1. If you don't want to use your admin account: Create a "Joplin User" (check rights, not far below admin…)
  2. Create a folder for Joplin data (e.g. :thinking: »Joplin« )
  3. Start Joplin
  4. Options → Sync(hronisation)
  5. Setup your Nextcloud
  6. If you use a subdomain your path (following description above) is

→ This is a memory protocol, if there's something missing/not working – please, let me know.


Hi NoSi, Thanks for the detail. It is very helpful.

I’ve been using Fastmail for some years now, as a secondary email service. I’ve only realized recently they also offer WebDAV access and I decided to use it with Joplin the last few days. It works as it should with Joplin without any fuss.

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The best & free solution I’ve been using for the last 6+ months without any issue has been drivehq. I am currently using the free tier which is more than sufficient for my needs, but even if I end up using more than this, its hardly $3 per month for the extra storage… And havent seen any down time till now. Its super simple to setup as well! Hope this helps

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I have tried different clouds and the best one for my taste is Dropbox, considering that I sync PC-Android-iPad.
And it works perfect.


For a while now, I’ve been using TransIP Stack (https://www.transip.nl/stack/) over WebDAV without any issues.
Note: this is a Dutch company and might be less relevant to users outside the Netherlands.

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I concur. No hassle.

Same, Fastmail webdav has worked well for me for months.