What are your experiences with Joplin Cloud? Any tips?

I'm thinking about joining Joplin Cloud, with end-to-end encryption, and would love to hear other people's experiences, particularly given that this is still a relatively new service. Any tips to offer? Thanks!

For me it just was a 'set-and-forget" thing.
Which is a good thing, meaning it syncs happily and doesnt need attention etc.

I echo @joeldebruijn’s comments. Sign-up, add your credentials, and you have fast reliable syncing while supporting the project.

Much faster than Dropbox or Nextcloud.

Same as @joeldebruijn and @mjw for me :smiley:. Very happy with it and a good way to support Joplin.

I second all of the above. After a few months of almost daily usage I can confirm it just works fluently between desktop & mobile platforms (W11 & Android in my case).

Just take into account attachment files nearly double in size when using E2EE and if you publish a note it's no longer encrypted (not the case when sharing an entire notebook).

Signing up even comes with a 14 day free trail period and as mentioned before your subscription helps the project.


Yep, same as all the above. Once set, it just works. Never any issues.