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Currently did the following steps:

  1. Have all devices sync multiple times
  2. Made an export JEX of my Joplin.
  3. Switched sync target from Webdav to Joplin Cloud

Currently its syncing and telling me its deleting remote items... ? Is this correct? Shouldnt Joplin be adding stuff to the cloud?

And also i have a masterpassword to my Joplin setup. But i noticed e2ee is disabled? Is this different from the master password? If so, what would be the best approach to have my entire Joplin library synced to Joplin Cloud AND have it e2e encrypted ?

Thanks in advance.

It's applying deletion operations that happened in the past on your note collection, but in this particular case it won't do anything since the note is not on Joplin Cloud.

E2EE is disabled and no master keys appear in the Encryption screen?

Damn thank you for the extremly fast reply.

The sync to the cloud went succesfully. Indeed the Delete didnt do much but i see on a different device the notes are syncing well.

For the encryption part;
I see the title "End-To-end encryption
Encryption : Disabled
Public-private key pair: Generated
Decrypted items: X/X (same numbers)
Then a button with "enable encryption"

Below that i see "master password" title
Master password: Valid
A button with "Manage master password..."

And below that i see the title "encryption keys"
With 1 ID - Date created - (master password) Valid - Diable button.

Does this means everything is still end to end encrypted?

Because im syncing the cloud currently to a new device with a fresh install of Joplin, started to sync from the cloud and i can read every note without configuring any master password?

I think that may be a limitation of the app when switching sync targets while e2ee is enabled. It takes the encryption status from the sync target, which in this case is new and thus with e2ee disabled, so it also ends up disabling it in devices. I will check and see how that can be improved

For it to work you need to enable it in one of the device (preferably on desktop because it's faster) and then sync again. Once that's done you may also need to sync your other devices

Again thank you for the fast reply.

I am awaiting the full sync to be done on the new device. Afther that is finished ill enable the encryption again on PC. Let it sync again on all devices.

Ill post an update on here if that works.


Enabled encryption on PC with the MasterPassword. Let everything update remotely (i assume encrypt everything).

Now on the new device i started the scan and it started and said it also was updating things remotely ? I don't know what that was about. But while i was letting it run, it somehow suddenly said canceling.

Restarting the app its saying updated remote item 1 but it hangs for a long while on it while i do not have very large items.

Ill let it be for a bit longer to see what happens, if something happens.

I do however have a question about this; How can i check and fully know if my files on joplin could are indeed encrypted?

Because it was by dumb luck i saw encryption was disabled. If i did not see this, anyone with (stolen) credentials can just sync my files to anywhere and read them. Example, lets say Joplin cloud has a data breach. They can just log in any device and sync everything over.

EDIT: I have it running for a bit now and while the "updated remote items:" went from 1 to 2. It also automatically switched to canceling again and it appears its stuck...

Last update on this; Do yourself a favor when switching to cloud. Make a backup on PC. Then change to the cloud. RESET your encryption to ON.

On all other devices just uninstall and reinstall and let it all sync.

I do however get some decryption errors because it says its corrupted.

I also noticed i got several "can't sync" errors because the file was too big (strange because it did sync on Webdav and i checked the size it was 101MB while with pro i said 200MB limit)

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