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Weird sync behaviour re. number of fetched items

Hi. I don't think this is a bug because I don't notice anything really wrong with the way that Joplin works. However, over the past few days I've noticed some odd behaviour every time I sync my phone and tablet. I've attached a screenshot showing the number of fetched items. Which seems high. And this seems to be happening once a day over the past week or so (I didn't make a note but it felt like it was that often). And this is after I've been using it for months, so why is it, all of sudden, fetching so many items?

Item is not the only full note. If you are saving web pages as notes, every embedded image is a separate item. Is this not your case?

Sure, I get that. But I have more than 5000 items being fetched every couple of days (did it again this morning). And I also noticed that the Welcome folder is being recreated every time as well. So my situation is this:

  1. Every couple of days my sync process includes more than 5000 fetched items.
  2. I'm not saving that much content to Joplin, even if you were to include all the webpage items.
  3. It keeps recreating the Welcome folder, which I keep deleting from all my devices.

Any other thoughts?

I've just noticed that the Attachment download behaviour in Settings keeps switching from Manual (my preference) to Always. First of all, that doesn't seem right. And in case you're wondering, I do save the settings every time I switch it back to Manual.

Could this be a reason for why I regularly have to fetch 5000+ items?