Joplin is trying to fetch too many items while syncing (sync seems broken)

Joplin Version: 1.5.14 (prod, win32)
OS: Windows 10 (64bit)

I have Joplin set up on 3 devices which are synced via OneDrive and same encryption code. I was recently away from my original device (windows 10 pc) and came back to synchronise it and fetch the updates from my other two devices.

The other two devices are showing 200 items on sync but this specific device is trying to sync 2000+(2k) items and even after it's done, it does NOT retrieve the changes. What's going on?

Can't say for sure, but it looks like Microsoft broke the OneDrive API again. Afaik there is no possible fix and we'll have to wait for Microsoft to fix things on their end.

Edit: I should have looked closer at the forum before replying, looks like jonath92 created a temporary fix Which means this should be fixed in the latest pre-release (Until microsoft decides to break it again...)

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That's not the issue I'm having (Althought it would be nice to prevent full resync of all items in each sync in the next update). As I mentioned in the OP, I only have 200 items to be synced (overall items not new) but Joplin is trying to fetch 2k+ items.

I have Joplin installed on both my phone (android) and a MacOS laptop too and when I try to resync on those devices, it correctly syncs the 200 saved items. Only on my windows machine Joplin tries to sync 2k+ items and when it's done, I don't see the newly added notes (one or two new new notes from other devices) in my notebook on Windows 10.

I guess my question is how is this an API issue when the two other devices are syncing properly ?

Have a look at the sync status, under the Help menu. Most likely you have things like note revisions, resources, etc. that also need to be synced.

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I don't. 200 is including those things (I only have like 15-16 notes overall). There is something wrong with the sync

I used the developers tools and here's the error it gets in the middle of the infinite requests:

errno: "ETIMEDOUT"
message: "request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT ***IP Address***"
name: "FetchError"
type: "system"

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