Mentally exploding, Joplin's sync is a shortcoming, and for me, it's fatal

As the title suggests, I previously switched to Joplin + Google Drive and abandoned mobile (which is not a core feature for me) because of problems with Joplin + OneDrive syncing.
But after experiencing for the nth time the failure to sync notes edited at work, I gave up and I'm going to move to notion for now. May try to come back later after joplin server is open (this year the company is on spring break, and I can no longer go to the company to check what is wrong)

I love open source and markdown-based Joplin, and even have a VSCode plugin for it to enhance the editing experience for advanced users, but for now, I have to say that I need to leave for a while.


If that can make any difference to you, OneDrive support should be fine now, at least there haven't been any new report since I've implemented the workaround.


Switching to onedrive, No problem at the moment, I hope that the Joplin server hosting platform will come out as soon as possible. Data is really important to me. People may be able to endure pain for a while, but they can't endure some slight pain all the time.

what was the workaround you implemented? I had the impression it would make onedrive much slower than it had been.

Yes, but stability is more than everything

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