Web clipper is great!

I'm a convert from Evernote and been using Joplin as a full-time replacement for 6 or 8 months now.

One of my concerns doing the migration was the web clipper quality. I'm really pleasantly surprised how well it works when clipping to markdown format. Just earlier today, I clipped this page (don't worry, not a Rick roll) using "Clip simplified page" with the Firefox extension and it just did exactly what I would have wanted it to do. It even picked up HTML meta tags with page description and keywords and inserted it at the end of the document.

Sure, I get how this behavior is highly variable depending on how well structured the web page is and all that. But I just wanted to say thanks for those that invested time and effort in the clipper and produced an experience that delighted me! I'm pleased that this feature also works so well and doesn't feel inferior to what I was used to with the Evernote clipper.

Well done; thanks!


Have you not had issues of visibility when selecting the clip area on some sites, particularly ones with a dark colour scheme?

I don't think that I often do "Clip Selection", but I don't recall any issues in that regard.

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