What about some love for the Web Clipper?

Okay, I’m just dumping a line of thought about the web clipper and how I would like to see it evolve. The Web clipper as of now in my point of view is very incomplete. It offers standard features as seen in much other note-taking packages, which are also incomplete.

So, I was clipping a lot of screenshots this morning, and it works fine and it is fast. I love it. The URL is retained in the (i) info dialog which is nice…

During this ADHD screenshotting session, I noticed that what I really wanted was to be able to sequentially build a note from one or several web pages.

The way the webclipper works as of now is that you click on an action and the note contains only the one element you have selected.

The way I would like it to work is a deeper workflow.

  • You start a page clipping session
  • The session records you clipping actions (text selection, screenshot, elements, URL…)
  • When you have sniffed all the infos you want from the page, you select your destination folder, write your tags and note name, and you hit Finalize!. The clips are then concatenated in a single note that is pushed to Joplin, and the session closes.

That would also allow for multi-pages clipping, with an option to retain the url of every section of the note.

I believe that kind of clipper does not exist yet, and would truly be a game changer.

EDIT: I just tried the webclipper by DiamondYuan and the ‘Manual Element Selection’ is kindof working the way I propose here, except for the multipages clipping and screenshotting. It would really be nice to have these functionnality in the official web-clipper.

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Another great enhancement would be the possibility to enable system wide clipping, but I guess that would be much harder to implement around the quirks and quakes of all different OS.

Techsmith’s Snagit is a screen clipper for Windows that will do what you want and and MUCH much more, including panoramic and scrolling clips and much editing afterwards including removing elements.

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I’m using PickPic already.

Another way to do it would be to allow the ‘Clip URL’, ‘Clip Selection’ and ‘Clip Screenshot’ to append the data clipped to an existing note. That would solve everything without adding too much unnecessary complexity to the webclipper itself.


I just started with Joplin and I’ve started to migrate my notes from Evernote to Joplin. One thing I miss from Evernote is its web clipper. It’s the best web clipper that I’ve seen on any note app/service. The evernote clipper clips web pages and keeps the original look and format. The only reason I’m keeping evernote as a secondary note service is for the web clipping. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to move that note from Evernote to Joplin. Exporting the note then importing into Joplin destroys the layout.

Is there a paid web clipper for Mac that does a good job? It would be nice if the Evernote clipper can clip directly to format that can be imported directly into Joplin.

Interesting observation. I prefer Joplin’s web clipper. I find them both about equal for clipping, but Joplin’s is much easier if I’ve got a lot of extra stuff I want to eliminate.

But I do not understand your problem. Is it:

  1. Importing notes from Evernote to Joplin or
  2. Importing a particular webpage better with Evernote’s clipper than Joplin’s. If the later, perhaps you could provide a link to the page that doesn’t clip well and what kind of clipping you are trying to do (selection, full page, simplified etc.) and what you find objectionable about the clip.

I have issue with Both. It’s not an issue with the import but more the layout is messed up.

When clipping a web page, some time I need the ability to keep the layout of the original page. The Evernote web clipper does a very good job maintaining the original layout. It’ll even let you expand or reduce sections of the layout by hitting “+” or “-” to add or to remove sections (TOC, sidebar, etc.).

When importing from evernote, often the layout is changed. For large documents, it’s painful to have to manually fix the layout in Joplin.

For my workflow, I was going to use Evernote Web Clipper to clip a page that I want to keep the layout then export and import it into Joplin but the layout still gets messed up.

You have the option to import your Evernote notes as HTML, which should preserve most of the layout. It’s under File > Import > ENEX (as HTML)

I would love the ability to annotate webpages before clipping them. something like Hypothesis: About Us : Hypothesis

workflow could be: select various text blurbs on page, optionally annotate each selection, and have them show up in the note above the clipped webpage, separated by a horizontal rule, with user's annotation bulleted under quoted text

Perhaps one could look at the Joplin Web Clipper.
I have version 2.8.1 from June, 7, 2022.

It does not clip a screenshot correctly.

The beginning and end-coordinates are wrong and start plusminus 200pixels to the right of the real screenshot. That ends my taking screenshots :frowning:


The intended pic was with the dinosaur and the warrior.