Web clipper

Can we get a Clip Selection (HTML)? I usually don't want the entire page. The Markdown Clip Selection is usually fine, but sometimes I want to preserve the HTML formatting.

I'm trying to leave Evernote, but it's web clipper usually does a better job. Right now, the two Joplin web clipper options that do the best job are Selection and Screenshot. The others, not so much.

Not a must, but it would be nice if we could remove some of the choices from the web clipper menu.

I agree: Evernote's web clipper is (slightly) better than Joplin's (and much better on mobile). But the six different options in the browser add-on are one of the strengths of Joplin, IMHO. So please don't remove any of them...

I didn't say remove them, but to give us the option.

Ah I see...

+1 for even more customisation!

With its CSS capabilities, Joplin is king of customisation anyway :smiley:

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