How can copy and past any text in Joplin?

I use Longman dictionary (online ) and when I copy the text from this site into Joplin it works correctly. like this:

but when I choose toggle editor in Joplin the copied text will be destructed like this:

and suddenly all of the highlights and spaces and structures will be deleted. How can fix this problem?

Not all HTML is preserved, when the editors toggle it tries to convert as much as it can into markdown. For this kind of stuff it is better to stick to just one editor otherwise it will keep trying to convert it.
Also your best bet is to clip it with the webclipper rather than copy it as that will preserve as much as it can. If you clip it as HTML then it will mark it as an HTML page and wont attempt to convert at all but that does mean that the markdown editor will pretty much just show raw html if you try to edit it.


Thanks, but in web clipper, we should save the whole page and we can not select a specific text. I think this is a big problem in all notebook apps like Notion and etc. In all of them, we can not copy styled text.
I wish for an extension in chrome that allows us to copy text with styled Html.

try: Web Clipper - Chrome Web Store

I solve the problem with I copy the text into this website then it converts rich text to HTML and I can pass it into Joplin. Now I can use Rich-text editor in Joplin and nothing will be destructed if I use markdown editor.
Also, web-clipper can not solve this problem because it converts rich-texts into markdown and this time styles of rich-text will be destructed, and highlights will disappear.
I think Joplin should create something to solve this problem. I think it's a new feature for Joplin.

Thanks, I solved this problem.

Perhaps I don't understand you, but why not copy selected in the web clipper?

clipper web select

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Because Clip-section just copies the text and does not copy the styles of CSS. But if we choose "Clip complete page(HTML)" it works perfectly. It copies both text and style together. Try it with the Longman website.

Ahh. Thank you. Honestly you are right, the perfect program would have a paste special as well as a paste. I've just never done, needed or imagined what you want. I often clip simplified versions of websites. I also copy links and make notes about them. Sometimes I copy a text selection, but only want the text, not the formatting. But, having that ability would be better than not having it.

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Actually, I just checked with a page and got lots of formatting when copying a selection with clipper, even including two links. You are right, it won't include the css style sheet, it gives a reasonable approximation in MarkDown.

I don't know what the paste special add-on does that might help, but perhaps someone would write an add-on, because paste selection gives all the formatting I can imagine wanting.

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