Web Clipper loses useful formatting

Vanilla install on MacOS Big Sur (11.2) Safari 14.0.3
Joplin version Joplin 1.7.10 (prod, darwin) Revision: fb1c876 (master)

I like to clip kitchen recipes, which usually include some sort of useful formatting, such as ingredients in a left column and instructions on the right.
Describing this use case seems important to show that not all web formatting is only for eye candy :wink:

However when I use the Web Clipper, the nice formatting is lost and data get scattered throughout the note.

Maybe I'm not using the clipper correctly, or maybe it's a bug which I should report in github…
and more importantly, maybe someone knows a workaround ?

Example URL : Shortbread : Recette de Shortbread - Marmiton

Thanks for any help !

P.S: I must add that Evernote clips the same page wonderfully. So it's not something to do with the page itself, apparently.

Not a prime solution, but I figured some time ago that the Firefox built-in "screen-shooter" works well together with Joplin. And it provides many more options to select what you really want to copy. Try it !
Of course, if you later wanted to "edit" the text in your recipes (inside Joplin) this wouldn't work.

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