Can you annotate clipped web pages?

When you use the Joplin Web Clipper extension to save a page, is there any way to annotate/highlight/add notes to that page? If so, can you add annotations using both the iOS and Windows apps? Or only in Windows?

Also, does anyone have an estimate as to how much space a clipped page takes up? At least compared to standard bookmarking. Would the size of, say, 100 clipped web pages in Joplin take up substantially more space than 100 Firefox bookmarks? Or does Joplin strip web pages enough that they don’t take up a huge amount of space?

I haven’t downloaded the Joplin app yet. I really wanted to check if this is possible before doing so though, because web clipping + annotating is actually the big thing I’m looking for.


When you clip a page, it creates a new note, so you’re free to edit that note and add annotations to it. The web clipper only work on the desktop app, not iOS or Android.

Bookmarks are just urls so they will always be a lot smaller than entire web pages. Joplin tries to extract the essential page of a page though, so normally the notes aren’t that big. You also have the option to clip only the URL if you want.

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That's great! I think I'll try it out then :slight_smile:

When you clip a page, it creates a new note, so you’re free to edit that note and add annotations to it.

How do you do this? I don’t see the ability to highlight text or add notes/annotations to the clipped webpage in Joplin (I tried saving a simplified version of a page). Would I need some sort of extension to do this? Or are there recommended third-party text editors that work well with Joplin to achieve this? At minimum I would need to be able to highlight text directly on the clipped web page (huge plus would be having the ability to highlight text on both desktop and iPad once a page has been clipped). Thanks for any help.

Joplin uses markdown for it’s notes which means you can highlight text using the ==this is highlighted== syntax. For annotations I would probably use the footnote plugin (which can be enabled in General Options. To know more about plugins, check the joplin website


Thanks for your help! I just tried both of these out and they worked. I suppose there isn’t a way to implement either of these functions - or at the very least highlights - in a way that doesn’t involve syntax though (i.e. using something like a word processor with a highlighter tool, rather than going in and making syntax changes to the .md file).

I did like the idea of using something with more intuitive, user friendly highlighting/annotating tools, but considering that Joplin is one of the few free, open source applications I could find with decent web clipping capabilities, I think I’ll have to make it work.

Editing with Typora makes using footnotes a bit more intuitive.

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There's been endless discussion about this in the forum; basically what you're asking for is WYSIWYG editing. (Where you just select text and click 'highlight', and the editor does any necessary MD modifications for you.)

tl;dr of that discussion (as I understood it) so you don't need to dig around: It would be nice to have. It's not trivial to implement. It might arrive some day. :slight_smile:

I know it's not as convenient as using a built-in editor, but many of us set Typora as an external editor and if needed, open the note in that.
I wanted to say that sadly, Typora doesn't support highlighting either - but then I've checked and found out it does, you just have to enable it in the settings. TIL. :smiley:

Thanks for the explanation! I’ll admit that I haven’t poked around on the forums too much, but I have noticed that Typora seems to be a popular choice. Unfortunately I just read that it won’t be free after the beta (and it isn’t open source either), so I’m hesitant to jump on board.

Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. : (
But come to think of it, unless they ask for an outrageous sum, I guess I'll pay up: the editor is a joy to use. The best one for Markdown I've tried by far.