[Web Clipper] Add Tags with Enter Key

I use the Joplin web clipper many times throughout the day.

One thing about this extension that I think can be improved is the ability to add tags with the Enter key, without the need to click the Add Tag button.

Here is a gif of the shortcoming that I'm talking about.

The workflow for attaching tags to a note is as followed:

  • Enter a few letters in a tag.
  • A drop-down list opens with a list of available tags on the database.
  • Hit the arrow keys to navigate to the desired tag.
  • Hit Enter key to select it, making it appears in the input field.
  • Click Add tag button to attach the tag to the note. Without this step, one can't add more tags.

What do you think of the ability to attach tags with the Enter key, bypassing the Add tag button? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

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