Web Clipper on Windows does not store any tags


this was introduced during the last couple of updates:

When I clip a page and set some tags, a new note is created in the desktop app but none of the previously set tags have been applied to the note.
I checked all logs described in joplin/clipper.md at master 路 laurent22/joplin 路 GitHub and in joplin/debugging.md at master 路 laurent22/joplin 路 GitHub but I did not find anything useful. :frowning:

I see this issue only on my Windows machine and it happens with both Chrome and Firefox. On macOS with the same browsers I can't reproduce this issue. :confused:

Could you add an issue for this on GitHub?

I played around with it a little more and it is indeed a a little different issue that is not limited to Windows: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/1026