How to add a custom search button or keybind?

I'm looking for a way of searching for -tag:* more easily

  1. making a custom keybind
  2. making a button or something via manipulation of userchrome.css
  3. another way

I know typing this in the search field wont kill me, but I am curious

Any ideas, please?


With css this is not possible, this is only for styling and i don't know any other way currently in joplin, except maybe the joplin-note-tabs plugin ...

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In terms of #3...

  • I believe there's a plugin that allows you to store and rerun searches. Not sure what it's called, but it may be along the lines of "bookmarks" or "favorites" and the like.

  • It could be done using AutoHotkey if you're on Windows. You'd assign a macro to a key that would send inputs for Ctrl-Shift-F and then -tag:*. Not sure what equivalent tech exists on other operating systems.


Autokey makes a good Linux equivalent for AutoHotKey.

Embed Search and Note Overview might also be worth looking at.

Example for Embed Search:

Install the plugin, and paste the following into a note in the markdown editor:


You can now see a list of all untagged notes in the note's rendered view.

Not a specific solution to your problem, but might be useful


Thats a neat way to do it
Not exactly what I was planning to do, but an as good if not better solution - Thanks!

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