Version 1.0.160 - shortcut for tags

Improved: Added shortcut for tags ( Cmd+Opt+T / Ctrl+Alt+T ). On Windows this does bring up a dialogue, but it doesn’t show the current tags for a note, so how do you know whether you’re adding or removing a tag?

There’s also some strange behaviour. I used the shortcut and then selected a tag that I knew the note already had. After closing this, the tags button on the toolbar would do nothing for any note and the shortcut for tags wouldn’t work either. The shortcut and the tags button worked again after restarting Joplin, but this behaviour is repeatable.

Hmm, yes it seems there’s a bug here as tags aren’t showing up for me either, but it’s probably due to this change. @CalebJohn, are you able to replicate this?

I’m not, actually I can’t use Ctrl-Alt-T to open the tag dialogue because it’s used to open a terminal on linux (and doesn’t do anything in Joplin). When I open the tag menu the usual way it works correctly. Does this bug only happen when opening with the keyboard?

It happens when you open the tag dialogue from the Edit menu or from the keyboard (using Windows).

You’re right it’s indeed only when using the new menu item and shortcut that it happens so it’s due to this change. @tessus, I think that’s because the setTags command is not given a noteId to work with.

Strange, I thought I called it the same way as from the toolbar icon. I’ll look into it.

Fixed it, but please have a look at the comments in the PR.