📄🏷️ Web annotations sync from hypothes.is

On behalf of @ravenscroftj (and with his permission) I'm sharing the plugin he created

It provides sync interface for hypothes.is service. Under the hood it fetches items from public RSS/Atom feed

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  • Import annotations from a Hypothes.is user RSS feed into Joplin
  • Customisable feed polling frequency allowing the user to pull down new annotations as they are added

The plugin is available in Joplin store by the name Joplin Hypothes.is

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To me it looks like webclipper cloud stash or a web version of Copy as Markdown extension I found in the past. I think it could be quite useful for situations when there's no Joplin installed at the machine but you still want to clip an article.

Alternatively, the plugin is an implementation of rss fetching for Joplin. Maybe some of its codebase could be useful for building RSS related plugins


Thanks for sharing and recommending graphit0 (apparently I can't tag you as a new user) - if anyone tries it please do let me know your thoughts. I'm planning to blog about my workflow and how I'm using the plugin myself in the next couple of days.

I'm also aware of a current slightly annoying bug where some notes are being duplicated on first creation. I'll be looking into this in the next few days too.


I just wanted to share that the issue with duplicate annotations should be now be resolved as of v0.1.1!

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Thank you, it was successfully resolved :pray: !

Looking forward to the feature of "multiple annotations to the same page as a single note". Indeed, it would be very welcome addition :heart: