Annotations, highlights, QDA - discussion

I usually highlight important parts in an article and then make a note from these highlights.
For highlighting and annotation I use Diigo, which is really great tool.
Merging annotating ease from Diigo with powerful note taking features from Joplin, would be quite awesome. It could also work as a simplified QDA.

So here are my suggestions:

There should be an option to attach clips to existing notes.
Or, even better, for every clipped webpage (clip selection or clip screenshot) Joplin would create notebook named after a page title, and notes would take a name from first line of clips.
Clips would be extended with a link to source webpage.
Yeah, I know that the URL is available, but when you copy clips to another
note, the URL to a webpage or a hyperlink to a source note should be present.

For showing and storing clips (highlights) in browser, maybe some open source, annotatorjs or could be a good starting point.

I would prefer to have highlighting feature in a browser, but maybe for most people highlighting clipped webpages in an editor is more convenient. Joplin should then store these highlights. Creating new notes for highlights (similar to web clips) could be quite convenient.

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I'd love to be able to bring my Hypothesis annotations and highlights into Joplin. Right now it's something I have to do manually using copy and paste, which is obviously a huge hassle. The ability to import from Hypothesis would make Joplin so much more useful as part of my research and learning.