Way to have a note contain a pointer to a notebook

Suppose I want to have a note which points to a notebook. (Say a note which I update with notebooks that are active at present.)

I can go to the notebook, create an external link, store that in a directory in the file system, and have my note point to THAT - but I cannot see how to have a note use the "external link" of a notebook to switch to that notebook.

[It DOES work to make a directory in the file system which has a link that is the external link for the notebook, and then put file:///c:\links\somelink.url as url into the note. Which switches to the notebook of interest, but depends on bouncing to the pc filesystem to do it. Kind of weird...]

Am I missing something?

Hi @bryanwi,

I proceed as follows within Joplin:

  1. I copy the notebook external link,
  2. I create a link in the note like this: [some text](paste link here).

I would swear on gravity that I tried that and it didn't work, but encouraged by your advice I tried it again, and of course it works just fine now!

Here I've got "Copy Notebook ID" as well as "Copy external link" on the Notebook context menu (can't remember if that's built-in, or provided by a plugin?), and this format works:

[Shortcut description](:/@xxxxxxxxx)

where xxxxxxxxx is the copied Notebook ID.

Comparing that to a link to a note:

[Note Title](:/xxxxxxxxx)

you can see it is the at sign, @, that specifies it is a notebook, and just like using @ in Go to Anything to find a notebook.

(Checked, and found the additional context menu item "Copy Notebook ID" is provided by the Templates Plugin)

Joplin 2.13.1 (prod, linux)

johano - good to know - for 2.12.17 on windows there is only the "copy external link" format.

(You think I'd have to add the Templates Plugin to get "Copy Notebook ID"?)

OK, in 2.12.17 the template plugin causes "copy notebook ID" option to appear, but a link structured as johano writes does not work (opens file explorer instead....)

I will try again after 2.13 becomes mainline.

@bryanwi, I looked at this again, and it turns out, that for it to work as I've described depends on also having the Go to Tag, Notebook (or Notes) via links plugin installed. :older_man: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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