Copy Link to a Note


What should I do if I want to reference a note within the body of another note?
I've been using Evernote thus far. In Evernote, I had to right click and select Copy Internal Link,
then go in the body of the other note and paste the link. The link to the note would appear in blue and
it is active - when you click on it, the link brings you directly to the note that has been copied.
Moreover, the link would actually show the title of the note.

Please let me know if there is a similar feature in Joplin.


You can right-click on a note and select the "copy markdown link" option and then paste it into the note where you want it to be.

Alternatively, you can also install the Quick Links Plugin, which makes this step a bit easier. You can just stay in the original note, type "@@", start typing the title of the note you want to link to and select it from the drop down menu.


Thanks for your response.

Please refer to the attached file.
I followed your instructions - I copied the markdown link and then pasted it into the note where I want it to be. The link I've pasted is not active - I thought I would be able to click on it and open the linked note right away, but it doesn't work this way...

Do you have any comments?

Thank you!

you can not click in markdown mode, you need switch to read mode.

There are a couple of plugins that also let you click the link in Markdown mode (while holding down CTRL), like the Joplin Enhancement Plugin for example.

Thank you for the response!

How do I switch between markdown and read mode?

the buttom looks like a rectangle contain a verticle bar, ar right up corener.