Can I link between notes?

Is it possible to link from one note to another? How?


ues it's is, since a few days :slight_smile:

You can create a link to a note by specifying its ID in the URL. For example:
[Link to my note](:/0b0d62d15e60409dac34f354b6e9e839)
Since getting the ID of a note is not straightforward, each app provides a way to create such link.
In the desktop app, right click on a note an select "Copy Markdown link".
In the mobile app, open a note and, in the top right menu, select "Copy Markdown link".
You can then paste this link anywhere in another note.


I thought I saw something like that in the change log, but I couldn't find it today :sweat_smile: and I still can't find it in the app, even now.

When I right click a note in the note list, I get this:


This is the desktop app on Windows. I have the latest version, the About dialog says 1.0.85 (prod, win32).

Is it a bug? Or am I being blind again? :smiley:

The fix was done 2 days ago and the release made 2 days ago is 1.0.86
Can you try it?

Yes it's done but not released yet :slight_smile:

:woman_facepalming: well that explains why I couldn't find it in the release notes today. Sorry. :smiley:

No problem


In the desktop app, it's also possible to drag & drop a note from the sidebar into another note. This is the same as "Copy Markdown link" and paste it into another note.


Not for me :frowning:

Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, linux)

Client ID: 8658637f808941cca847105af4625d2b
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 41
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: c2a6a13eb

Sorry, I've just understood that it works between notes in the same notebook :smiling_face:

I thought I would add an option that I find useful here.

Since I am importing from evernote, I have plenty of broken link looking like:

 [Some Title](evernote:///view/1234567/some_guids)

This is also valid out of the Evenote context if you want to lazily create a link to the note(s) titled Some Title.

You may (ab)use the great "Embed Search":

"Some Title"

The plugin allows much more and doing a search to find (what you assume leads to...) one single note is overkill but it works and this is rather convenient.

Unlike the direct link to a note however, it will break if you rename the target note whereas the direct link, that uses the guid, will still work.

The cool think with Joplin is that users have several options and can decide... this is refreshing coming from Evernote :slight_smile:

You can also install a plugin like Quick Links (Tools > Options > Plugins > Search for plugins: type 'quick links') which lets you link to another note just by typing @@ in the markdown editor.

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I was not using Quick Links for no reason until now, it makes things definitely way easier/faster.

Hesitant to create another topic. How can I create a link to another note with an <a href=""> tag? I want to create a relatively complex table with clickable links in one of my notes, so I do this:

		<th colspan="2"></th>
		<th colspan="2">Real Class</th>
		<td colspan="2"></td>
		<th rowspan="2">Predicted Class</th>
		<td><a href="">FP</a></td>  <!-- what should I put here? -->

Markdown links don't work here, so I went with anchor tags, but don't seem to work either. What do I do?

try <a href=":/123"> where 123 is note id

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Thank you! I tried this initially but for some reason it was not working. Then after reading your post I decided to try further and then updated the app... long story short this method works.