Very slow synchronisation on iOS

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Joplin Cloud

What issue do you have?

The synchronisation on iOS has been running for more than 4 weeks. Sync status report seems to suggest that all notes have been downloaded but attachments are still to complete.
I have encryption on.
And the notebook list is incomplete and the structure of the notebook list is not the same as the desktop. It seems to have not caught up yet.
Is it only handling attachments at low priority, or only when I'm using the app, or what?


Correction: all notes have not been downloaded.

You may find it helpful to check the following topic:

I can't see anything relevant in that topic. It's not using Joplin cloud. And it's concerning uploading from iOS. I'm just downloading.

Upload and download are within the synchronization cycle. Your slowness issue is related to the topic.

I've read it all and see no solution. Can you point out where the solutions are please?

We are not developers. We are users like you. Understanding the difference is important.

Hi robe,
4w is ridiculously long, I cannot imagine that I would have patience with the problem (not Joplin !) for anything over 12h.
you need to check the whole chain step by step:

  • is your iOS device slow ?
  • is your local network (WIFI) slow ?
  • is your cloud provider slow (throttling) etc etc
    Each step can be checked, but I don't have the time to explain it.
    Just think about it. It's easy.

I raised an issue on Github. See here for details. Its a Joplin issue.

Since this is NOT a problem caused by Joplin (on iOS), this Github issue will go nowhere. How do I know ? Because my Joplin app on iOS doesn't have or show the problem.

I dunno about iOS and Joplin Cloud, I synced via file system, on Android, so Joplin is trying to upload notes from file system for a week, and it's not clear how long will it take. So I ditched this BS and paid Evernote subscription for a year. Hope subject will fix it throughout the year.

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