I can't get sync to work with many folders & notes

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Joplin 2.13.15 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: bdf31378fae34d0e9ee7315daddedfdc
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: No

Revision: 7d2c1c0

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What issue do you have?

I am really trying to embrace Joplin but I have spent the last month (I am not joking) trying to set up Joplin on MacOS and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

I am attempting to transfer ~30 folders comprising ~6000 notes/~9GB in total from Evernote.

I am using OneDrive as the sync target and am encrypting the notes.

I get most of the folders (with about 4000 of the notes; ~4.5 GB) to sync properly. (And yes the initial syncing is painfully slow).

And then frustration. I add the n+1'th folder into the MacOS instance, sync it to OneDrive - no problem. When I try to sync with my iPad I get a supposedly successful sync result but the folder and its notes do not show up and I get the sync conclusion message of "Fetched items: 1/132"

It doesn't matter how many times I sync, I get a similar message. Same thing happens on my iPhone. I have plenty of space on OneDrive (~800GB available space).

What am I doing wrong or am I just reaching the limits of Joplin?

MacOS: Sonoma 14.2.1; Joplin M1 2.13.15

iOs: Joplin 12.13.10 (Sync set to download attachments manually)

After a few more unsuccessful attempts I am beginning to suspect something (besides my sisyphean doggedness): I suspect there is a window of sync database corruptibility when uploading (I don't think it's an issue when downloading) and, for whatever reason the upload is aborted (e.g. wifi goes down, lose VPN connection, etc.), that joplin doesn't fail-over with integrity.

It seems to complete the upload, usually without any error message. But when I try syncing with another device, even if I have tried syncing again with the original uploading device, the alternate device will complete its syncing witth a message that it has "fetched 1/50 items" or something along those lines, but no new items have been downloaded with the sync, no matter how many times I try.

So now I am add a smaller number of items at a time to limit my exposure to an interruption.

If I am right I would discourage anyone, at least anyone using OneDrive as their sync target and encryption, to be careful in uploading a lot of folders - especially those with hundreds or thousands of notes - at one time.

Will keep people apprised. :crossed_fingers:

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Well, I finally got all my notes to upload and sync (after 3 more completely new attempts). I really do believe there is a db corruption vulnerability during the uploading of many notes, the interruption of which I suspect is the cause.

Before I unreservedly announce “Mission Accomplished™️” I will wait a few more days/weeks to see if the db doesn’t lose its s̶h̶i̶t̶ composure

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aaaannnnddd it’s broken :angry: . My iPhone and MacBook can still sync but my iPad thinks it’s syncing; new/modified notes from iPhone or MacBook don’t show up on my iPad.

Is there a way of doing a complete db download/overwrite (from OneDrive sync target) of my iPad without having to reinstall alol devices and upload everything again?

The slowness of the free synchronization is indeed a frustrating situation. In the following thread, a user named @JackGruber mentioned that he could synchronize all their notes in 8 seconds using Webdav. Unfortunately, he did not provide information about the Webdav setup, making it difficult for inexperienced users to explore this possibility.

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And my iPhone is not syncing.

As much as it pains me to say it:

Joplin sync (at least with OneDrive as the sync target) is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

Given the experience I had I would never be able to trust the integrity of the system. I would always be wondering if all my notes are being saved and syncable.

If any of the developers are interested I’d be happy to work with them in troubleshooting this.

That doesn't surprise me. However, I've got a reasonable sized database of 3732 notes, 5554 note tags, 192 folders, 3422 resources. I've had no issues syncing with dropbox for over year and at least 2 years with Joplin Cloud. I sync 2 android tablets, 1 android phone and my desktop computer.

If I don't keep them in sync for a week or so, then it can take a few minutes to sync with my older tablet. My newer tablet which syncs every day, doesn't take longer than a few seconds using Joplin cloud.

Thanks for your feedback. However, I think you will better understand what we mean when you try to uninstall and reinstall the Joplin application "from scratch" on your computer or phone. By the way, unrelated to the topic, I have a question. Have you encountered any issues where tags added from your phone appear differently on the computer? I am experiencing this issue and created a topic about it, so I'm asking.

It seems that we are likely to experience synchronization issues until we learn about this "Webdav".

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