Vertically centered cursor line

I have searched #features and did not find a similar request. Which does not mean there isn’t one.

In the past I have used editors that vertically center the edited line. Would it be hard to put that into code? I mean, if it is complicated I’d drop the idea, otherwise I think it would be a nice addition.

I don’t think this is supported by Ace, which is the editor we use.

Just to clarify: vertically centred or horizontally centred?

I don’t think Markdown itself has the ability to do this but both can be done with <div> styles in a Joplin note if really needed. It’s a bit clumsy (especially vertically), but possible.

Where can they be contacted?

And if Ace supports it, could it be a new check box in the settings for this feature?

It says “vertically”.

It seems I misread your question and now believe that you wanted to keep the line being actively edited in the centre of the editor pane.

Thank you for not taking a sarcastic attitude with your reply. Much appreciated.

In their gh repo or their web site.

This depends on Laurent. If he accepts that feature request, yes.
is this it?