Using div tags to coloured notes


I have looked it up but I could not see anyone mentioning this feature in the forum: I'd like to use HTML div tags to create a coloured box. For example:

<div class="alert alert-block alert-warning">
<b>Example:</b> This yellow box highlights some text.

I have read that HTML code is supported so it should be easy to make these work?


Yes this will work. I put a similar header on a lot of my notes giving a summary as to what the note is about.

This Highlighter (plugin) also uses something similar to highlight specific text -

Thanks for your response. It does not work for me currently. The text is rendered properly but I don't get the colour box.

I'd rather avoid using a plugin for what is a regular HTML feature if I can.

Have you actually set the colour of your alert in your CSS?

.alert {
    background: yellow;

Tools -> options -> appearance -> show advanced settings -> Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown

You can also set the style in the div

<div style="background:skyblue;">text here</div>

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