Font color... again

There have been a few topics on font colour over the years, but I think it's worth it to bring it up again.

I required a simple way to colour some text in my document - in this case it was like 'green' good and 'red' bad and 'yellow' for in-progress.

I then read I would have to write html code to get this to work.

Well, that's kinda crappy. I don't want to drop into markdown mode to write html. I want a color palette.

I have been using AppFlowy's editor for a while for a project at work and it just doesn't have this kind of an issue. Or weird indentation rendering from what I can tell so far (separate ask...).

I would like to continue to use Joplin - it would be nice to have the ability to colour and style this text in in the rich text editor.

For example, I should be able to highlight text using the mouse and then select from the toolbar a colour palette / colour picker UI. That would change just that text.

Hey, I hear ya and realize that's not what you're looking for, but as a workaround you may consider using this plugin

Another workaround is the Text Colorize plugin for the Markdown editor.

Highlight text, run the plugin by menu or keyboard shortcut, then choose and apply a color. The plugin then wraps highlighted text with a <span> tag to style it. Save colors in the plugin dialog to create a color palette.


There's now an issue about it here:

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I want to second that.

Evernote free has recently tightened the restriction to 50 notes.

After investigating alternative options, I found Joplin. Compared to obsidian/notion, Joplin provides the closest to the experience to Evernote. The notes are ordered by update time. I just learned to use userchrome.css to change background, which can be modified from my evernote stylish script. Import/exports are easy, data is now stored locally.

I appreciate the markdown editor. For a long time I wish evernote can implement a markdown edtior. Now in Joplin it is native.

The only regret is that changing font color has to be done in markdown editor with html markup. That's not intuitive when editing a plain-text article.

Sometimes I just want to change color to write my comments about the article.

There is a button of highlight on the rich text editor. The font text button is similar. It just gets rid of the hassle of going to the markdown editor. And one annoying thing is if one switch to markdown editor, it cursor goes back to the beginning of the article, and one has to find where one left.

It would be much better to just get things done in the rich text editor.

There is a obsidian plugin that does the same thing:

I found the format brush to be very convenient if one wants to highlight or change the color of the texts in batch. But I won't ask the developer for too much.

Glad to know that there is an issue raised with high priority!

May be that is just my view, but this post surprises me a little ...
If you like to continue ... suit yourself !!
If you have a feature request ... fine
But please spare everybody the implication "like to continue" -> "IF (?) I can have color"

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here is soemthing called the enhancement plugin

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Hi Wladefant,

Thanks. This plugin helps. I can consider that as a work around solution for now.
There are still differences

  • This plugin only works in the markdown editor. We want to change font color in the rich text editor.
  • It changes the background color, not the font color.
  • And it also does not work for multi-line

I noticed that the issue has been merged with a pull request.

The screenshot here already have the color palette in the rich text editor.

I have installed the latest version, but can't find the color palette.
Is this feature already released, or it is still under development? Thanks.

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I have made a simple shortcut in iPhone to colorize the text. I just need to select the text that I want to change color in the Joplin editor. Then share the text to the shortcut. The shortcut will let me choose the background color and then the text color. It then generates a SPAN tag in the clipboard. Then I have to paste it to the editor manually then. I cannot share link of the shortcut here. It is not difficult to make it on your own though.

This is the shortcut. You may customize the color list for your own uses.

  1. Select the text to set color
  2. Share it to this shortcut
  3. Choose the background color from the list
  4. Choose the text color from the list
  5. Tap paste to the selected text.

If the selected text included the former color setting tags, it will replace the former setting with the new color setting. You may modify this shortcut to set the underline style and color also.

Hi, I just installed Joplin and I am looking to use this new feature but can't find any trace of it in the current version. Is this scheduled for the next version or is there a particular way to enable it. I just started migrating from Evernote and text colors is the one feature that Joplin is missing for me to use it. I am using the Windows version at the moment.

There is a plug-in for desktop Joplin. Try GitHub - sadmice/joplin-plugin-text-colorize: Joplin plugin for coloring text

I installed the pre-release version 2.14.9 and the color palette worked well.


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Yeah Yakov, I tried the text-colorize plugin and it doesn't work for me as it clears the formatting when I go to a different note.

Okay, updated to 2.14.15 and the option is there and works great!

Bye-bye Evernote! No more daily nag ads to upgrade.

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