Custom css - kinda works?

I fiddled a bit with custom css and accidentally noticed that it works somewhat ok using the ‘link href’ tag as you do in regular html. Some minor issues since I don’t know what elements that are already in there but still very useful. As a designer it’s also really nice to be able to preview svg and filters.

Are there anything I should know before proceeding with this? Not a developer, and I’ve basically never used the intended markdown. I really can’t see why I can’t use css without importing it on every note like this, but I’m sure there’s an explanation.

Really like this project so far!

Any kind of custom CSS would work as the notes fully support HTML. One thing to keep in mind though is that your file c:\users\...\joplinstyle.css will not be synced so the note will look like this only on desktop, not on mobile or other devices.

Ok, thanks. I couldn’t really find any info on html support and the readme says

Ah yes, I keep forgetting to update this in the readme.