HTML Autocomplete / Menu


First of all, thanks for creating Joplin. I am using it only since about a week as an attempt to reduce my dependence of MS Word. I have learnt JS and HTML some 15 years back and have forgotten most of it by now, so it is really interesting to try out Markdown in realtime.

As far as I could discover, to change font characteristics like color, etc., one needs to use HTML tags like <div></div>. Does there exist (even through some extension) a HTML tags ribbon/menu and/or autocomplete feature in Joplin? If not, are there plans to include this or a similar possibility, and what options does someone not very familiär with HTML codes have for including HTML tags?

Thanks for your support.

Sadly this feature does not yet exist and I don’t think there are any plans to implement it. That said there are plans to add a plugin system eventually and this would be a good plugin to add.

If you’re willing to learn CSS I’ve found that’s the best way to add custom tags like what you want.

You can for example include the following CSS in your note (either using style tags or userstyle.css)

blue {

Then in your note you only have to wrap the next you want to be blue in tags like <blue>. If you want autocomplete you’ll probably need to user an external code editor such as vscode.

Thank you for replying CalebJohn. It's good to know that there are plans for an eventuell plugin system. thanks also for the information regarding the use of CSS tags. You have definitely raised my interest in learning CSS. :slight_smile:

I tried vscode out to use as an external editor, but could somehow not get it autocomplete any tags. It looks nice but seems like as a newbie, I will have to invest some time in getting features and addins to work there.

Have a great weekend.