Updated polish translation


I am sending the completed Polish translation. This is my first insert. I ask for your understanding. :slight_smile:

pl_PL.po (196.9 KB)



When a language pack already available in config -> general shows a percentage lower than 100% (example Polski 86% ), how can one complete or update it ?

Hi @Manius71 ! Welcome to the Joplin forum! :bouquet:

Is your Polish translation based on what Joplin has already and extending the existing data? Or did you start completely from scratch?

I followed the instructions on your website Joplinapp -> help -> dev -> localisation and just updated the translation. So the Polish translation builds on what Joplin already has and extends existing data.

I just didn't know how to open a pool request. That's why I'm uploading it here.

Well, Iโ€˜m only a user and frequent reader here. But I think the community here appreciates every contribution that brings Joplin a step foward! And what you did sounds like a step foward :grinning:
Iโ€˜m not aware of the process to integrate your work into Joplins code, but I saw a similar thread recently, so it might be a help to you as well:

I found another similar post earlier, where they also suggested uploading the file here as one of the alternative options. That's why I did it.

Nonetheless, thanks for the hint.

@tessus will you help? :blush:

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Sure. 2 things:

  • please use LF line endings (I've already converted them so nothing to do. This is just for future reference.)
  • How shall I credit you in the commit message? e.g.: Marius71, firstname lastname, ...

I used the Poedit app. I thought it would take care of it automatically.

Alright, Manius71 is enough. Due to n.


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There have already been several Joplin updates since we spoke here. Why isn't my translation still available?


I don't know. Afaik, the translations are now automatically generated upon release. Maybe @laurent can shed some light on this.

Still manually generated, but if it was a month ago it's probably not in the latest version but will be in the next one

Ah, I stopped running the script, which I usually did after merging a bunch of translation PRs, because I thought it was added to the release pipeline. Hmmm, I guess I will look into running the script again.

Unfortunately, there is still something wrong. Two more updates have been released, but there are no translations.

Two more updates have been released since my last post. Unfortunately, there is still no completed translation. What is the issue here?

Two months of waiting, but it's finally here. Thank you.