Joplin version 1.0.125

Here is a new release that fixes several issues and add new functionalities, and contribution for translations

New features:

  • New: Added support for pre-releases - in the options you can now choose to receive pre-releases too.
  • New: Added version info to auto-update dialog
  • New: Resolves #1099: Show Markdown images in external editor

Fixes :

  • Improved: Better multi-language support in search engine. Should now work better with languages like Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese or Korean, as well as any language with accents.
  • Improved: Search keyword highlighting
  • Improved local search by highlighting even partial matches
  • Fixes #1126: Open Katex link in external browser instead of inside app
  • Fixes #769: Disable META tags in Markdown viewers
  • Improved: Handle ESC key press to cancel the NotePropertiesDialog (#1125)
  • Fixes #1137: Fixed regression on SeaFile sync


The link to the prereleases page ( is not up (returns a 404).

If it’s not finished I would like to suggest a temporary page or something, to not confuse users.

This may sound like a silly question but I’m not particularly tech savvy (yet) - the update downloaded as a dmg file on my mac and I went to move it into my applications folder when it told me it would replace the older version.

If I replace the older version would I lose all my info? Or it takes over from the previous version of Joplin?

Sorry for being a bit nervous about this here. I’ve never had an update that was a new dmg app download.

fortunatly, updating software does not remove data nor configuration :wink:

Yes my content remained! Praise be! :smile:

So you get a bit more tech savvy, here's how it works: the application code is separate from your settings and your note data. (They most often even live in different directories.)
That's how one makes sure the data aren't wiped on program updates.

On the other hand, computers are horrible and want you to suffer, so I suggest that any time you are not sure, use the export function, make a backup of your data, then fiddle with the rest of it. If anything goes wrong, you'll be glad you did; if nothing goes wrong, well, at least you have an up-to-date snapshot of your data.