I did the Italian translation but I don’t know how to use GitHub

I completed the translation for the Italian language by modifying the pre-existing .po file, but now, as ashamed as I am, I haven't understood how and where to upload it. given that the translation is 100% complete (except for around thirty terms that really shouldn't be translated), I want to send it to the appropriate person. thanks in advance for your support. I saw that someone in the past had a similar problem and was allowed to upload the translation directly here on the forum, if it was possible to do the same with me it would be fantastic.


I know nothing about getting your translation live, but just wanted to say thank you!

Benvenuto @Savos18 and welcome here,
vedi questa pagina per trovare come contribuire con la tua traduzzione.
see this page which tell you how to contribute with your translation.

I’ve seen the page your talking about but in the pull request I can’t upload a .po file so I don’t know what to do.


sorry, I'm not familiar with Github. Furthermore, my account is currently blocked.
From what I understand, you need to create a pull request and attach the .po file of your translation.

If any Github regulars read this, their knowledge will be more useful than my rough advice.

Reply with the completed .po file or send @tessus a PM.

Happened already...

Also, for future reference...