“(Untitled)” items in Tools -> Note attachments, imported from ENEX, that don't open when clicked

Having imported thousands of notes from ENEX notebooks (as HTML) of Evernote 6.25.1 into Joplin 2.14.8, I noticed the following technical issue that, while not affecting regular user experience, may be worth addressing.

There are countless items in Tools -> Note attachments labeled as “(Untitled)”:

When clicked, “(Untitled)” items do not open. Unlike those items with proper filename.ext title.

ID column allows to identify each such attachment. E.g. item 0a50744dc97b6d8cb8bd66786e4c5c54:

  1. In the imported HTML note it is referenced as (w/o .jpg filename extension):
<img src=":/0a50744dc97b6d8cb8bd66786e4c5c54"  hash="0a50744dc97b6d8cb8bd66786e4c5c54" type="image/jpeg" width="700" alt="" />
  1. In “.config\joplin-desktop\resources” folder the file is named as (with .jpg filename extension):
  1. In the source ENEX file the media is referenced as (w/o explicit filename.jpg):
<en-media hash="0a50744dc97b6d8cb8bd66786e4c5c54" type="image/jpeg" width="700"/>

It seems that Joplin does not open attachments from Tools -> Note attachments dialog box, when “Title” is either “(Untitled)” or some filename without extension.

A workaround is to copy item’s “ID”, find the file that indeed has proper extension in “.config\joplin-desktop\resources”.

Could Tools -> Note attachments dialog box, when user clicks “(Untitled)” title or a title that has filename without extension, still open the file, as it does when title has proper filename.ext?

It could be useful when one sorts the Note attachments table by “Size”, tries to get an idea what do those relatively large “(Untitled)” attachments contain.

I noticed this when troubleshooting another issue Do attachments (pictures) unattached to any note get deleted, if Note History is disabled? that, perhaps, deserves a clarifying sentence in the Help section that could save inquisitive users a trip to the Forum.

Thank you.