Evernote to Joplin

I am using Joplin for the desktop 2.9.17 on windows 11. I have exported my evernote notebooks to Joplin but they do not have the graphics, only what I think are links. I exported using markdown. Shouls I have used HTML?
Also no titles were transferred for the notes only the Notebooks.

Could you provide an example ENEX file that can be used to replicate the issue?

Yes of course, I think. I hope this is how you up load a file. I clicked on the underlined up arrow in the tool bar at the top of the reply box. Thanks for the quick response.
Boat.enex (2.9 MB)

Hello.... any ideas?

It's working for me. Can you give the title of a note that you feel is not working as you expect? Ideally with a screenshot, so that it's clearer what the problem is

I wanted to send a screen shot of the same note in Evernote but I got an error message "An error occurred: Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post."
I hope what I did send will help.

I replyed to my post with the Evernote note.

It looks like you're in markdown only mode. Try either:

  1. Opening the rendered note view or
  2. switching to the rich text editor.

arrows pointing at the "markdown editor" and "rendered view" buttons

That did it! Thank you very much. Goodby evernote! If I add a new note and it ask HTML or MARKDOWN what should I select? Thanks again.

Short answer:
Markdown if you plan to edit it, html otherwise.

Long answer:
Markdown is the default note format so should be the default choice here, but it doesn't have all the features that evernote does. If you want to fully reproduce your evernote notes (and you don't plan on editing them again), then you can use the html format.


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