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Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, win32)

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I imported a notebook from Evernote. There were 1145 notes. For a significant part, the title was not transferred. It was an enex import. What could be the reason?

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Same problem, maybe also a solution for you.
Hope that can be a help!

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I'm old enough to remember Phil Libin of Evernote saying that your notes will always be easily portable. Now it seems they are making it quite a hassle to leave.

OP, the problem is not with Joplin; it's with the enex export file created in Evernote. See the thread that @Wimvan linked to.

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OK, so I‘m young! :joy: And it‘s a shame, but caging people in products is a way to make more money than without doing it. Economy, stupid!

Jolly, I just ended up doing them by hand. I had about 909 notes imported, had same issue, followed all export/import directions, didn't find a faster solution than to manually 'highlight text, CTRL-C, highlight title of 'untitled note' and CTRL-V.
Probably had over 300 I had to change.

I organized my titles Alphabetically and just did all my "untitled" from the bottom up, worked faster than i thought

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