Many "Untitled Note" after import from Evernote

I imported ENEX files as Markdown, using Joplin 1.7.11 on Windows 10. I set up sync to Dropbox.

There are two issues:

  1. commas in note titles have been replaced with "undefined" (minor - I can live with this).

  2. Many notes titles have been replaced with "Untitled Note" (critical issue for me).

I will raise on github but wanted to talk about it first. Are these known or familiar issues at all?

UPDATE: I just checked the ENEX file and the Untitled notes are in there too. I will take this up with Evernote.

For the comma issue, could you please provide an example of ENEX file showing this bug?

Example ENEX attached, containing subset of notes: two "undefined" (where commas should be) and one "Untitled Note".

example.enex (1.1 KB)

Details of the latest Evernote app, where the problem occurred:

10.8.5-win-ddl-public (2367)
Editor: v118.1.15148
Service: v1.28.5

It appears this version has a bug where it corrupts exported notes.

I'll try exporting from an older version of Evernote next.

I installed Evernote Legacy version, and neither issue is present in the exported data, huzzah!

My mind started working more efficiently when I explained the issue to someone else. Much gratitude, kind comrades.

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Indeed it looks like a bug in Evernote as the ENEX file itself has the "undefined" string:

    <title>Book: Raising Boysundefined by Stephen Biddulph</title>
    <title>Addresses To Update When We Move House (movingundefined letters)</title>
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Thank you @laurent. I have found the apps and the community really efficient! It is such a lovely and refreshing experience.

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