New User - 2.12.15 Windows 10 - pdf's don't open

Hello! I'm a longtime Evernote User, about to switch all of the companies I support over to Joplin - hopefully! I have exported a sample of notes in ENEX format from Evernote, and imported them into Joplin using ENEX - Evernote Export file (as HTML)

I'm thrilled that the tags made the trip! I rely on them heavily. Sadly, the attached pdfs will not open - a link shows but that's it. None of the choices revealed by right-clicking on the link work. The attachments do show up on the Note attachments list.

Is there something I need to set up in order to see the actual pdfs in the notes? We primarily have been using Evernote for the past ten+ years as an electronic filing system, inputting documents as pdfs so this is quite important.

Thank you for ay help you can offer.

If you're using the rich text editor you need to ctrl+click the link (or cmd+click)

If that doesn't work, would you be able to share an example of note that has this problem?

Thanks @laurent.
That seems to work in notes created in Joplin, or notes which have had the pdf attached in Joplin. It does not work with pdf attachments that were attached in Evernote and imported to Joplin.
I'm going to look into what happens if I'm NOT using the rich text editor.
So much is new! I understand that I'm going to have a learning curve, and your help is greatly appreciated!

Would you be able to share the original enex file for that problematic note? It's possible that there's a bug somewhere which means the note wasn't imported correctly

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